Mondia Technologies Introduces Its New CEO – Steve Higgins

Mondia Technologies New CEO Steve Higgins

1st July 2021 – Mondia Technologies Group announced the appointment of Steve Higgins to the position of CEO. Mondia is the parent company of the two leading providers of expert language services and agile technology solutions – Travod International and Wordminds Translations. Travod’s current CEO, Elena Grigoras, is transitioning her position to the Group’s Advisory Board after eight years of service, and Wordminds’ current CEO, Ana Boisteanu, is taking up the position of Chief Strategy Officer. 

Steve Higgins joined Travod in January 2021 as Chief Commercial Officer, after spending the past decade in leadership roles at Language Service Providers (LSPs) such as Janus, Jonckers, and Capita TI. The new CEO assumes the leadership role following a proven track record of growing businesses and bringing teams to a new level of operation.

Both Travod and Wordminds have already started their reorganisation, on operational and business levels, while restructuring their teams for international growth.

“I am thrilled to be part of Mondia Technologies Group, at both Travod and Wordminds which are well-established as industry leaders providing translation and localisation services. Having the support of an unmatched talent growth culture and innovative mindset gives me more certainty in taking the companies to greater heights as global language service providers,” said Steve.

Strategic Growth

Travod and Wordminds have come a long way from unknown startups, running on pure enthusiasm, to two of the language industry’s leading players, running exclusively on private capital. Travod has ranked among the industry’s Top 100 and as Language Industry Challenger for several years in a row.

The companies have honed their localisation expertise and grown their accomplishments in translating the most diverse content and, at the same time, implementing the most complex translation processes while in partnerships with the industry’s top LSPs. Bespoke customer service, knowledgeable account managers and responsiveness to requests became their staple and is appreciated by clients across the board. With ISO implementation and more strategic hiring, the group laid the basis for structural reorganisation towards more sustainable development and a customer-centric business model in ever-shifting language industry standards.

“We have invested time and knowledge in restructuring our global teams for greater efficiency, service standardisation and greater customer satisfaction. While the Group’s key focus remains on strengthening our service offering, we want to future-proof ourselves towards continuous growth. We see a growing demand for localisation in digital learning, marketing, multimedia, e-commerce, and platform integrations, so we want to make sure our growing client base will not miss out on opportunities to make themselves visible on a global level,” confirmed Steve.

Investment in Technology Processes

With digital transformation taking over the global workplace, Travod and Wordminds help companies on their transformational journey by implementing translation technology solutions that let them work faster and smarter.

The companies invested in process automation, each of them developing Customer and Vendor Portals. The portals efficiently track translation projects, manage deadlines and updates, monitor costs, and handle all communication across projects.

In the near future, the group plans to work on AI-based machine learning which will revamp operations and take full control of the internal machine translation technology.

“More clients across industries, from Manufacturing to Management Consulting, are looking into Machine Translation options that would help them significantly scale up on volumes. This will improve their time to market, save on translation costs, and not least, enable faster decisions in multilingual research projects,” said Steve Higgins.

About Mondia

Mondia Technologies is the parent company of Travod International and its sister company Wordminds Translations, both headquartered in London, UK. The companies provide professional translation services and globally localised content. Travod and Wordminds cater to multinational companies and organisations in Manufacturing, Software, eLearning, Advertising, Media and Retail, as well as keeping long-standing partnerships with top Language Service Providers. With teams spanning several countries and offices and a network of over 8,000 linguists, both brands retain distinctive customer service and language services specialisation. Both Travod and Wordminds are fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry.