Morningside Launches Multilingual App Exclusively for IP Now Users

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IP Now users can seamlessly translate and validate their EP patents via the Morningside app

NEW YORK, NY – Morningside (, a leading provider of patent translation and filing services, is pleased to announce the launch of its proprietary multilingual app for IP Now, GSI Office Management GmbH’s complete online platform for IP management.

IP Now is a web-based IP management software solution created by GSI to quickly and safely access all of your intellectual property files, terms, documents and tasks from one central platform — and easily and efficiently collaborate with others on those items.

“The Morningside app in IP Now offers a real advantage over traditional project management,” said the Patent Department at CeramTec GmbH.

The new Morningside app, which is listed in the IP Now work area, allows users to securely send and receive EP patents for translation and validation, without ever leaving the IP Now environment.

“The work steps are intuitive, the design is consistent, and the close support from Morningside and GSI make the app a real added value that is pleasant and efficient to work with,” added CeramTec GmbH.

The new app provides IP Now users with instant access to Morningside’s extensive network of experienced European patent linguists and agents, ensuring the highest translation quality and legal compliance with all national filing requirements.

With the Morningside app for IP Now, translations are available at any time and in all filing languages. Upon completion, they are automatically delivered back to IP Now. The app’s seamless and secure access to Morningside’s services is available for free, with no licensing or installation fees.

About Morningside:

Morningside equips the world’s leading organizations with a full suite of end-to-end intellectual property and language solutions. With over 4,000 clients in 55 countries, Morningside is globally recognized for its subject matter expertise and technology innovation in regulated markets such as IP, legal services, life sciences, and corporate compliance. Our IP management solutions and translation services ensure your ideas seamlessly reach new
markets and audiences while allowing you to do more with your budget. Global 500 companies, international law firms, and regulatory bodies all rely on Morningside as a trusted partner to make intelligent choices for their most valuable assets.