MotaWord Launches a Cost-Effective Website Translation Solution for Entering New Markets

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MotaWord team takes inspiration from years of offering professional translation solutions and giving dedicated support to its large and diverse client base to create a one-stop shop solution for automatic multilingual website translation. This solution is aimed to help both companies and individual professionals to enter new foreign markets without overburdening their budgets. This new solution, which is called MotaWord Active, goes beyond the current standards set for machine translation and combines unique advantages such as full SEO compatibility, live chat translation, 24/7 support, intuitive design, high customizability, and a professional post-editing service.

The highly globalized nature of the economy and the potential benefits of expanding to new markets have surged interest in automatic translation. However, both the cost of maintaining and updating many different versions of a website and the fears around the quality of machine translation stalled many companies’ pursuit of opening up new horizons for their businesses. MotaWord offers a new and exciting solution for companies that no longer wants to deal with the hassle or the cost of traditional modes of website translation. Moreover, it has quality standards, SEO tools, and multiple customization options that will put even the most quality-conscious clients at ease. Thanks to MotaWord’s experience in the translation industry and its extensive database of high-quality translations done by vetted professionals, even the most basic automatic translation offering will meet much higher standards than is commonly expected of machine translation solutions. For companies looking to up their website’s translation quality even further, MotaWord Active gives the option to add glossaries to achieve a more consistent translation and offers a professional post-editing service for those who would like to add a human touch by having their automatic translations reviewed by MotaWord’s team of highly skilled translators. 

Many people both in the translation industry and outside of it share the misconception of automatic translation being a step down from traditional human-made translations. However, automatic translation offers some unique advantages that no professional translator can provide. As a start, if you are using MotaWord Active, it takes mere seconds to have your web pages fully translated. That is a speed no human translator will be able to match no matter how experienced they are. This quick turnout becomes a great advantage in the e-commerce sector. In today’s digitalized world, trends can spread around the internet like a wildfire and they can die as quickly as they have started. When you use an automated translation solution, you can act faster than your competitors and gain a bigger share of the market. Or, if you made a small change to one of your products and need to have the updated version available in, let’s say, 15 languages, you would not need to wait for 15 different translators to update your website as you would be done in just a couple of clicks.

MotaWord Active has useful customization options and an intuitive user interface that will help translation clients easily customize their translated web pages according to their unique needs. Clients can remove products that they are not planning to sell in other countries, and remove parts that are unlikely to resonate with the target audience (a foreign audience may not care about how quickly you can ship the orders within your main marketplace, for example), and add new languages with ease. MotaWord’s over 22,000 professional translators are also at hand to do a quick post-edit on demand to ensure that translations are human-reviewed and will reflect the best of any brand.

While it is true that customers can view e-commerce websites and make their purchases using the Google Translate plugin, that leaves out two important factors that will put a website one step further in the e-commerce game: ease of use and search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. While using a translation plugin is always an option, many consumers just default to using websites that are already offered in their languages and if you are less successful in the SEO department, they may not even know that your brand or your website exists. When you are using an automatic translation service like MotaWord Active, Google treats your automatically translated website just like any other website available in your target language. Therefore, you can improve your SEO greatly by automatically creating multiple web pages in multiple languages and then having Google crawl your newly translated pages.

Furthermore, your automatic translation will be kept in a translation database (a.k.a. a translation memory) just like any other translation done using more traditional methods. This means you will only need to pay once for machine translating the same content. So, if you are making small changes to a very long text, you will only pay for the small changes, not the whole body of the text. The translation memory approach also makes post-editing of translated content instantly available.

MotaWord Active and its advantages in website translation are definitely worth looking into. Check out MotaWord Active’s page which has more information about this comprehensive automatic translation service and available pricing options.