MotionPoint Introduces “All-in-One” Website Localization Subscription

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COCONUT CREEK, Fl. –(Slator)– MotionPoint, a leader in website translation and localization services, is excited to introduce MP Concierge, a cutting-edge ‘All-in-One’ website localization solution for digital marketers. MotionPoint will now offer its website localization platform, which is comprised of MP Core, Adaptive Translation, and Beyond Word Services, all for one flat monthly subscription called MP Concierge. This ground-breaking development helps marketers eliminate variable monthly costs associated with website translation and professional managed services. 

What’s Included in MP Concierge 

MP Concierge is a powerful combination of people, translation, and technology that helps marketers translate website content automatically. The MP Concierge website translation platform is comprised of the following three components: 

  • MP Core: MP Core is the industry’s most advanced proxy translation technology platform that centralizes control of the translation process. When new content is published on your English website, MP Core automatically detects and assigns that content for translation.  
  • Adaptive Translation: By combining AI, Algorithmic Translation, and Translation Memory, Adaptive Translation™ reduces the number of words that need to be assigned for human post editing. Due to the high-quality translations delivered by Adaptive Translation™, you save money over time by limiting the need for more expensive human translation.  
  • Beyond Word Services: Beyond Word Services is the component of MP Concierge that includes 24/7 customer support, a dedicated customer success rep, and countless other concierge-level services to ensure all your questions are answered and your translation projects run smoothly. 

These three components of MP Concierge enable digital marketers to launch high quality multilingual websites without losing control or worrying about on-going maintenance.  

What Makes MP Concierge Different? 

The cost structures of legacy translation partners are not aligned with the progress AI has brought to translation quality. In response, MotionPoint aims to address the budgetary challenges facing marketers by enabling them to maximize cost savings with AI-driven website translation. For example, with Adaptive Translation™, marketers dramatically reduce the cost of initial conversion, which refers to the process of translating a website for the first time. This means that rather than paying for expensive human translation in your initial conversion, you’ll pay a fraction of the price by leveraging Adaptive Translation’s AI technology. After translation, MotionPoint helps customers prioritize the pages that would benefit from human translation post-editing to save costs and increase translation quality.

The three components of MP Concierge each deliver unique value to marketers seeking website translation services. Firstly, the MP Core component of MP Concierge ensures customers can achieve 100% content translation, and translation queueing at the highest speed possible, while maintaining the quality assurance of a website’s functionality. Secondly, the Adaptive Translation component of MP Core also means that over time, you’ll see significant cost savings, debunking the myth that high-quality website translation always comes with a hefty price tag. The third component, Beyond Words Services, ensures your needs are met with the proper support with quality assurance, web engineering or customer service ready to help at any time. 

With this all-in-one solution, there’s no need to juggle multiple technologies or partners. MP Concierge will handle everything for you, simplifying the process and allowing you to focus on your business. 

MP Concierge simplifies the process of calculating ROI (Return on Investment) and managing your translation budget. With its all-inclusive pricing, businesses can easily forecast expenses and measure the return on their investment. This transparent approach helps companies allocate resources more efficiently and make informed decisions about their localization efforts. 

Let MotionPoint Help Your Business Succeed 

MotionPoint has over 20 years of experience delivering website translation technology and services. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, MotionPoint has been helping businesses succeed in the global market for over two decades. Trusted by brands worldwide, MotionPoint’s technology makes website translation seem effortless. 

Get a demo of MP Concierge and receive a complimentary consultation call with MotionPoint’s translation experts. During this call, businesses can discuss their goals and priorities and MotionPoint will help prescribe the most pertinent website translation approach for your business.  

Dominic Dithurbide