MotionPoint Releases Adaptive Translation™: Proprietary AI to Reduce the Cost of Quality Translation

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COCONUT CREEK, FL.–(Slator)—MotionPoint introduces Adaptive Translation™ technology to reduce human translation costs without sacrificing quality. Adaptive Translation™ helps businesses do more with their translation budgets by drastically reducing the number of segments that require human involvement.

What is Adaptive Translation™?

Adaptive Translation™ incorporates MotionPoint’s unique Algorithmic Translation technology in concert with state-of-the-art Brand Adapted Neural Machine Translation, and enhanced Translation Memory capabilities to instantly deliver superior quality and technology-driven translations for digital or omnichannel content. Adaptive Translation™ improves the quality of its translations over time, reducing the cost and effort required for machine translation post-editing (MTPE). With Adaptive Translation™ companies can quickly extend localization budgets to support more markets and languages than ever before.

“MotionPoint aims to change the way companies think about translation. Traditional translation service providers with business models based on providing human translation services are not always aligned with the objectives of their clients. The more human translation workflows you have, the higher the cost and greater the profit for translation providers,” said Evan Kramer, CEO of MotionPoint. “It’s time for a shift in the mental model to look at quality less as a function of who does the translation or how it is done, and more as an outcome of tech-driven translation workflows that reduce the human effort required to achieve desired quality levels.”

“Superior quality AI, minimizing the need for and cost of human post-editing, is the path to next step change in translation economics.” added Stephen Tyler, MotionPoint’s CPTO.

What are the Benefits of Adaptive Translation™?

In 2022, MotionPoint beta-tested Adaptive Translation™ and generated over 100 million adaptive translations. Based on the results, MotionPoint is now moving the program out of beta:

  1. Customers with Adaptive Translation saved on average 40% on human translation costs with some over 80%.
  2. Adaptive Translation continued to improve in quality over time as more content was trained in the technology.
  3. Adaptive Translation™ worked across all language pairs in the beta program.

How Adaptive Translation™ Works

To provide human quality output at a machine translation price point, Adaptive Translation™ leverages each customer’s Translation Memory, a database of previously approved human quality translations and re-uses them automatically. It also uses smart processes to enhance translation memory data and find semantically similar translations. This includes Algorithmic Translation, which identifies and provides human quality translations for repetitive patterns and terms such as those commonly found on websites with dynamically generated content, such as personalization or product catalogs.

For some customers, Algorithmic Translation alone handles over 80% of the ongoing translations required to maintain localized websites. These translations would otherwise be assigned for costlier human translation or machine translation with post edit workflows.

For what remains, MotionPoint’s AI Translation capability, Brand Adapted Neural Machine Translation (NMT), instantly translates any remaining content.

Brand Adapted NMT models are trained and tuned to each customer’s vernacular and preferences. It uses existing translation memory data, domain-relevant datasets, and our proprietary data processing pipeline to provide businesses with custom translations that better match their brand voice in other languages.

Take a Deeper Dive

Adaptive Translation™ has the potential to shift the way organizations across industries think about content translation and localization. Want to learn more about Adaptive Translation™?

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