Multilingual Content Generator Raises USD 18M in Series B raises $18M for multilingual content generation

Multilingual content generation startup announced that it has raised USD 18m in Series B funding to advance its all-in-one multilingual content generation, translation, and support platform.

This round, which was led by Alkemia Capital and Thomson Reuters Ventures, and included the participation of FNDX and Invictus Capital, brings the company’s total funds raised to USD 24m.

The Italy-based startup describes itself as the “market-leading tech company in content ideation, creation, and transformation”, using generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to create multilingual content from scratch, or translate existing content, in multiple languages and formats.’s CEO and founder, Massimiliano Squillace told Slator that the Series B will “primarily be utilized to fuel our global expansion and enhance our technological advancements.”

“This means not only entering new geographical markets but also consolidating our presence in existing territories. Part of the funds will be invested in further developing our product, especially in enhancing our AI content creation and orchestration capabilities”, he added.

Buy and Build

The startup’s funding round comes after several key acquisitions in 2023, including its acquisition of language service provider,, content marketing marketplace Scribox, and major French competitor, Scribeur.

Squillace told Slator that the Series B funding may also be used for “strategic acquisitions that align with our growth and innovation objectives.”

Prior to the startup’s 2023 acquisitions, the company was listed on the Financial Times’ “FT 1000”, a ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, and has been pinned as a “Startup to Watch” by Silicon Valley.

Multilingual Content Generation vs. Human-in-the-Loop

The platform, which plugs into WordPress, currently offers AI multilingual content generation in over 25 languages, including six “premium” languages that draw on AI models trained with native language datasets.

The Italian startup also offers human-in-the-loop services which include professional copywriters, translations by native speakers, or AI-generated content reviewed by proofreaders.

In terms of demand for’s services, Squillace told Slator, “while human-in-the-loop writing and translation services remain relevant, the efficiency, scalability, and technological sophistication of AI-driven content generation are becoming increasingly preferred.” 

“Our aim is to bridge the gap between these approaches, offering high-quality, AI-powered multilingual content that still retains the nuance and accuracy that human oversight provides”, he concluded.