MultiTrans Managed Mobile App

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Donnelley Language Solutions’ Product team has been busy redesigning its Translation Management System, MultiTrans, to deliver top notch technology and to create the best solutions for our clients. Over the past years, our TMS has been considered as a “market leader” by two separate Common Sense Advisory reports, but this didn’t stop us from our development activities. That’s why today we are pleased to announce the upcoming MultiTrans App.

We are packaging our MultiTrans Managed solution to be at the fingertips of our clients, whenever and wherever they need it. We are enabling MultiTrans users to keep track and control of all their translation projects with just a few taps. Keeping all stakeholders on the same page with easy-to-send reports, and contacting these stakeholders from the same phone they are controlling the project from, was a logical step for our users. Even approving or rejecting quotes from vendors can be done from within the app.

Enabling our clients to empower their content owners on every device they work with was something our roadmap always took into deep consideration. If you want to know more about the MultiTrans mobile app and the upcoming release of MultiTrans 2018 read more about it here.

About Donnelley Language Solutions:
Donnelley Language Solutions has grown organically to become a leading global Language Services Provider operating 24/7 across 4 continents, delivering a comprehensive localization service portfolio supporting Life Sciences, Finance, Institutional, Legal and Corporate Communications.

Our team’s mission is to translate, create, localize and harmonize multilingual content using proprietary and market-leading technology. Our clients benefit from tailored solutions, dedicated employees, expert linguists and our expertise in international markets. Our teams deliver translation services partnering with our worldwide clients along the entire translation cycle, achieving quality, accuracy, speed, innovation, transparency, security, automation and cost reduction benefits.