MYL Expands Its Market Reach with Simplified Pricing and Packages

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Fixed, Predictable Pricing Combined with Flexible Product Packages Extends the Power of the MYL Language Platform to Organisations of all Sizes

HONG KONG—MYL, a leader in language solutions, today launched its new website at, with simplified pricing and packages for its core services, making it easier for companies of all sizes to try, buy, and use the powerful MYL Language Platform. These packages span the language universe, and include Copywriting, English Editing, Human and AI Translation, making it easier than ever before for users to kick-off and execute language projects.

“Today’s fast-moving market demands innovation, but also greater flexibility to meet all enterprise business needs. These new packages and pricing, combined with our powerful platform, empower companies of all sizes to have best in class technology to power their content origination and translation needs, giving them the ability to scale quickly and efficiently as their businesses grow and thrive,” said Gerry Ball, Founder and CEO of MYL.

To simplify pricing, MYL has flat-rate pricing options for English Editing and AI Translation which is ideal for Clients who do not want to manage usage-based consumption, or the traditional pay-per-word model. The new, predictable pricing removes the risk of surprise bills associated with spikes in content generation across multiple teams. Pricing is straightforward, transparent and competitive, with no fine print or hidden charges. 

Clients have the flexibility to mix and match packages to meet their unique needs. The English Editing packages (Starter, Advantage and Ultimate) are designed to cover the needs of companies of all sizes. The AI Translation packages (Single-Team, Multi-Team and Regional-team) are designed to cover the needs of companies of all sizes. Every MYL package includes the company’s industry-leading technical and Client support.

“We are bringing Large Language Model (LLM) technology to the market ahead of any other Language Service provider in Asia. We have been able to move quickly as we have been working with these technologies internally for over three years, and we are now able to package them in a way that makes it easier for businesses to choose themselves,” said Gerry Ball, Founder and CEO of MYL.

Expanded Free Trial and Self-Service Options

Additionally, MYL is offering a free tier of its English Editing and AI Translation services to make it easier for everyone to try the company’s delivery, quality, and world class Client service – with no commitment. 

For more information on MYL’s simplified pricing and packaging or to find out how to get started with a free trial, please visit

About MYL

Established in 2003, MYL is a leading Asian-based Language Service Provider. The company has been at the cutting edge of innovation for two decades and is showing the way forward to companies that wish to deploy best-in-class AI applications for their workflows.

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