Nearly a Dozen Language Service Providers Make the Inc. 5000 List in 2022

Language Service Providers on INC 5000 List

Further proving the language industry’s resilience and growth are the 11 US-based language service providers (LSPs) in the Inc. 5000 list for 2022 — that’s four more LSPs than in 2021, and five more than in 2020. All are listed under the Business Products & Services category.

Inc. magazine ranks the fastest-growing, private US-based companies based on revenue growth over three years. The latest issue covers 2018–2021. 

Newly-ranked language companies Boostlingo (#312) and PGLS (#461) are counted among the top 500 businesses this year. Both LSPs entered the industry in the last 10 years. Also on the list are Language Network (#1,816), Terra Translations (#2,373), Gloz (#3,285), and (#4,414).

Eriksen Translations (#4,376) is back on the list this year after having ranked successive years from 2007–2010.

CQ Fluency made the list for the ninth consecutive year, falling to #2,978 from #2,199 in 2021. Other repeat nominees include media localization Blu Digital Group (#1,103), international trade and legal translation specialist The Spanish Group (#2,275), Propio Language Services (#3,212), and legal language services specialist Phipps Reporting (#3,971).

Among those that made the cut, Propio Language Services (USD 33.2m) and PGLS (USD 32.4m) are also listed in the top 60 in Slator’s 2022 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI), under the Leader category (i.e., over USD 25m in revenues).

Eriksen Translations (USD 8m) is also in Slator’s 2022 LSPI as a Challenger. Language Network (USD 4.9m) is listed as a Boutique.

Seven of the eleven companies on the Inc. list focus on more traditional language services, including document translation; three focus on media localization and two are interpreting specialists.

Honorable mention: Our friends over at SocialSEO, with whom Slator partners to deliver the popular digital marketing seminar series, came in at #4,521 after clocking 97% growth.

Contact us if you think we missed a company that should be listed. For more financial insights from Slator, check out the Language Industry Investor Map and the latest installment of the Slator Language Industry Buyer Tracker.

Erratum: A previous version of the article mentioned Eriksen Translations as being new to the list. Eriksen has, in fact, made it to the Inc. list five times prior.

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