Net-Translators Announces Net-Cat, a New Translation Management System that Enables Real-Time Collaboration

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Net-Cat, a cloud-based translation management system (TMS), incorporates  translation memory and a terminology management feature

Marlborough, MA – August 16, 2018 – Net-Translators, a leading provider of professional human translation and localization services, announced today that it has recently added Net-Cat to its suite of translation management systems. The online translation collaboration tool enables translation teams to collaborate simultaneously 24/7 online while also managing terminology. The translation team includes the translators, proofreaders, editors and the client’s in-country reviewers (ICRs). A translator translates the content inside of Net-Cat. The proofreader can start the review while the translation is in progress, and the ICR can also add comments or edit text. The ICR signs off on the translations when they’re complete and the project manager is notified. All of the changes are reflected in the translation memory to use in the next project.

Since Net-Cat enables real-time collaboration between the translator, ICR and proofreader, the process becomes more efficient and decreases the time-to-market. This is especially beneficial in the translation industry when team members may be globally dispersed. There are also project management features inside the collaborative translation tool such as version control, project status, author and much more.

Another major feature of Net-Cat is the glossary management tool. Companies oftentimes have industry, product- and/or service-specific terminology. These terms can be stored and managed using the glossary management feature. They pre-populate a project for a translator, making the process more efficient and increasing consistency.

Shy Avni, CEO and co-founder of Net-Translators said: “Net-Cat makes the professional human translation process more efficient, which enables us to provide faster service to our customers.” He adds, “We’re excited to add this TMS to our suite of translation management tools.”

Net-Translators’ suite of localization and translation management tools also include:

  • Net-Proxy, a web-based translation management system that automatically detects website changes and manages the entire translation process
  • Net-Cloud, a one-stop translation project management system that integrates with other systems such as CRM, ERP project management, content management, cloud-based online translation and accounting solutions
  • Net-Connect, a cloud-based software that uses cutting-edge technology to pull and push translated content automatically from content management systems