New and Innovative Features from the ONTRAM Lab

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The Online Translation Management System ONTRAM is an integrated Web application that provides services for essential TMS functions, including process automation, application integration, user management, content pre- and post-processing, content re-use, and translation interfaces. The purpose of the system is to reduce as much as possible the amount of manual input required during the localization process – for software, print, web and any supported content type.

Resource Management module

The Resource Management module offers project managers, coordinators, or other controlling roles the option of assigning users to workflow roles based on their current workload, in order to optimally utilize the available project participants. The workload of the user is displayed as a colored status. The module includes the following factors in the calculation of availability:

• The text volume of the jobs to be allocated
• The target date of the jobs to be allocated
• The text volume and target dates of all jobs already assigned
• And the personal availability of the user, for example absence or a reduced workload

Dynamic background calculations allow you to make optimal use of the available resources. In this manner, you can ensure that jobs can be completed on time. Identify bottlenecks via the clear resource planning dashboard. Perform bulk operations when reallocating translation jobs to underutilized resources.

The Resource Management module is essential for complex TMS scenarios.

Job Portal – Centralize your translation processes within your company

Via the ONTRAM Job Portal, employees of different company divisions or certain groups of people can create their data with the corresponding key data in ONTRAM without a licensed account. This is the perfect option for key account managers (called “customers” in the Job Portal context) or external process participants such as graphic designers or agencies. In addition, no specific system knowledge is required to start translation jobs.

After the translation process, the ONTRAM Job Portal users receive an info mail that their project is completed and can then download the final data in the relevant target language without being directly involved in the translation process.

All translation jobs within a company come together in the ONTRAM Job Portal and are initiated there by process-competent, experienced coordinators. Centralize and bundle translation requests within your organization. Reduce internal effort and keep track of the entire range of translation processes within your company with ONTRAM.

Language specific workflows

Target languages that are to be translated in one translation job often have different requirements for the workflow. With ONTRAM, it is now possible to map any number of different workflows in one translation job. This offers customers the possibility to dramatically reduce the effort for handling translation jobs and to map their processes language-specifically. Rules can be defined at the language level and stored as a pre-configuration.

Furthermore, additional tools for routing within workflows have been added. Intelligent decision-making features provide total flexibility and the advantage that is needed to significantly reduce time-to-market.

Complex scenarios need simple solutions. ONTRAM is tailored to your needs and easily implemented. This allows you to manage your translation projects in the shortest possible time – easily and flexibly.

Machine translation and language analytics

Machine translation and language quality are more important than ever and have already become deeply embedded in existing processes. This makes it all the more essential to keep an overview. With ONTRAM, you have an overview of your machine translation activities and overall language quality within ONTRAM at all times.

• Which providers are used
• Which text volumes are translated
• Overall LQ score for certain languages
• Post-editing distances
• And much more

Quickly identify if there is a problem with the quality of a particular language. So you can respond quickly and take action.

Keep an overview of machine translations. Monitor the quality of machine translations using Post Editing Distance. Switch to another engine if the one you are using does not meet your expectations.


You can also expect new and innovative features this year. Among other things, the ONTRAM team is working on functionalities that give you the advantage you need.