New Business: Language Transactions Providing Language Brokerage Services

Language Transactions Logo

Michael Klinger has established a new business, Language Transactions, to service the expanded M&A market in the language industry.  The goal is to advise, inform and engage language owners who are looking either to acquire a business or sell their own language company.

“The current M&A market for globalization businesses has expanded significantly. We are creating a business to better focus on servicing this growth. We have closed fifteen opportunities in the past few years at AnzuGlobal.  We are looking to focus our efforts and leverage our experience to help language owners navigate the complicated sales process,” stated Michael Klinger, Managing Director of Language Transactions.

About Language Transactions

Language Transactions was founded by Michael Klinger who is the Managing Director of Anzu Global. Anzu Global, founded in 2006, provides language staffing services to technology clients and Language Service Providers (LSPs). Over the past several years, owners have worked with Anzu Global to buy or sell their language business. Language Transactions was created to address this growing industry need. For further information, contact Michael Klinger or visit