New Gridly-memoQ Integration to Drive Efficiency for Game and App Localization Projects

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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, June 22, 2021 –Translation technology provider memoQ and LocalizeDirect, the developer of Gridly, the spreadsheet for multi-language content, have joined forces to offer a more streamlined way to track updates and changes to multilingual content. The integration will improve collaboration across teams, roles, and vendors during localization projects for games and digital products.

Implementing Gridly and memoQ into development and localization procedures helps digital content creators increase productivity and control all along their production chain: from development to translation, testing, release, and subsequent updates.

The Add-on allows localization staff to access all strings with text, audio, and visual content from within Gridly via an API. They can select and send strings for translation in memoQ and import translated assets back to Gridly with a couple of clicks. The integration enables Gridly users to benefit from the memoQ’s full-fledged TMS functionality, LiveDocs, and terms bases (glossaries) to optimize and accelerate their localization processes. Both solutions support multiple file formats, thus saving time converting files and making it easier to enforce consistency.

The Gridly-memoQ integration reduces the risk of missed translation assignments, scattered data, error-prone email attachments and Slack messages, as well as eliminating the need for time-wasting file exports and imports.

Gridly users have the option to add extra steps to the localization process, such as pivot languages, copywriting, LQA, or voiceover, and define dependencies between steps. Localization teams can also preview image, video, and audio files from Gridly, which speeds up the LQA process, as localization testers can access content from a single spreadsheet interface.

Originally built for games, Gridly can facilitate the asset and localization management of other digital products, including apps, software, or websites that struggle with content management and localization challenges.

“Being in the localization business for over a decade, we’ve observed the intensification of multilingual content updates in nearly every online industry. Gridly connects development, TMS, and live games and apps in one environment, easily accessible by both development and localization teams. We recently enabled integration with Unreal Engine and are currently working on integration with Unity. Cooperation with memoQ will help us strengthen our position in the localization industry and expand our offerings to other digital products that struggle with content management and translation challenges.” — Christoffer Nilsson, CEO of LocalizeDirect, the developers of Gridly. 

A joint webinar, on June 30, 2021 will cover in detail the capabilities of the memoQ-Gridly integration in optimizing localization projects.

You can also watch a short introduction about the Gridly-memoQ integration in action here.

About Gridly: 

Gridly is a spreadsheet for multi-language content tailor-made for games and digital products. By connecting development, design, and localization teams and their tools in one familiar environment with real-time communication and developer-friendly API, Gridly helps create a single source of truth to roll out content updates in multiple languages faster and with greater confidence. Thanks to the flexible content structure with automated tracking of content changes and their dependencies, granular access control for specific user groups, and a plethora of supported data types including digital assets or even code, Gridly improves collaboration to streamline content management and localization. Gridly is used by The Pokemon Company, creators of Angry Birds Rovio, Enuma, and many other companies.

About LocalizeDirect:

Founded in 2009, LocalizeDirect provides game translation, LQA, and software solutions for the game development industry in over 65 language pairs. LocalizeDirect’s clients include WB Games, King, Scopely, Rebellion, Square Enix, Capcom, Avalanche Studios, Remedy, and many more companies worldwide. The company is based in Sweden and Vietnam with a number of sales, localization, and QA managers working across the globe.

About memoQ:

memoQ is a leading collaborative translation environment and TMS delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2005. memoQ is dedicated to delivering innovation through diverse developments that today help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies, and enterprises worldwide.

Having in mind both simplicity and effective translation processes, memoQ combines ease of use, collaboration, interoperability, and leverage in a single tool.