New Intento Integration Unlocks Real-Time MT Use Cases for Phrase TMS Customers

San Francisco — [March 27, 2024] – Intento, a machine translation (MT) and generative AI platform, has developed an integration to bring Phrase TMS customers access to over 40 machine translation engines and 4 LLM systems, with optional source quality improvement and automatic post-editing capabilities. 

Intento customers can now use machine translation and generative AI at any stage of their Phrase TMS workflows, and use their existing MT models for additional use cases such as real-time translation for live chats and websites.

Generative AI at any step of the TMS workflow

Intento’s Enterprise Generative AI Portal enables building a variety of GenAI-based language skills, such as source text improvement, tone of voice adjustment, or automatic post-editing, using 12 different large language models (LLMs) from Antropic, Google, Microsoft Azure, and OpenAI.

These language skills can be accessed using this new integration at any step of the Phrase TMS workflows, enabling its customers to automate more content operations than translation alone.

In addition, Intento gives access to GenAI-based translation alongside 40+ traditional MT systems. According to the recent benchmark, GenAI translation has quality on par with the best machine translation models, and is up to 20-25 times less expensive.

A wider range of use cases, including real-time translation

As well as more traditional localization workflows, Intento supports the use of machine translation in real-time scenarios. Their Customer Experience solution enables the translation of live support chats in systems like Salesforce and Cognigy, speeding up ticket resolution time while removing the need to hire multilingual agents. It pairs well with their on-the-fly website translation, which provides real-time automatic translation and multilingual search for help centers and community portals, boosting ticket deflection rates in no time, and at a fraction of human translation costs. Intento’s Translation Storage enables real-time leverage of historic translations, with 50-60% economy of MT costs for localization scenarios and up to 98% for website translation. 

Supporting Phrase customers’ machine translation programs

Building and maintaining an AI program can be time-consuming and costly. From the outset, the Intento team supports every customer to build and maintain their machine translation program, ensuring it is compatible with all their business processes and software systems. In addition to training MT models, Intento can also evaluate your current machine translation process with Phrase to find opportunities for improvement and ways to cut costs from excessive post-editing or other bottlenecks.

As Intento is vendor agnostic, they look at the goals the customer wants to reach, such as high quality, cost savings, or less time spent post-editing, and recommend the MT engines most suited to achieve them.

“In today’s fast-paced global market, the need for consistent automatic translations across all business systems is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. With our new integration for Phrase TMS, we’re excited to enable Intento customers to use this great TMS, as well as enable Phrase customers to expand their MT footprint, via our Enterprise Language Hub, to real-time, on-demand use-cases, such as customer support, website translation, and SEO. This empowers our customers to elevate the speed and quality of their multilingual communications across all platforms, ensuring language is no longer a barrier but a bridge to better language experiences and broader reach.” – Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento.

Intento now works with over 17 TMS systems

Like customers of XTM, Lokalise, and other TMS systems, customers of Phrase can now access Intento’s technology and real-time translation workflows.

With Intento, enterprises can evaluate and improve their machine translation process, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of their translations. This leads to a better language experience for their customers, making translations sound culturally relevant and local at every touchpoint, from website to customer support communication.

About Intento

Intento is a leading machine translation (MT) and generative AI platform. They focus on supporting global companies in building coherent language experiences for all markets and audiences.

Their main offering, the Enterprise Language Hub, combines machine translation models with generative AI to deliver high-quality translations in real-time. They enable automatic translation workflows tailored to customer data, integrating into customers’ existing software systems and multiple business functions.

Intento is at the forefront of machine translation and generative AI, ensuring customers stay up-to-date with all the latest developments. If MT and GenAI technologies change, Intento can incorporate these changes into your business without a single vendor lock-in.

Customers of Intento report being able to translate 20 times more content than before and increase productivity by up to five times. There’s no need to be an AI expert to work with Intento, as they offer expert guidance in setting up and maintaining your machine translation and AI models, continually refining them based on new data and customer feedback.

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