No more downtime: memoQ support works around the clock!

memoQ support is proud to offer one of best customer service experiences in the language industry. We have now reached yet another great moment in our company history: memoQ support is now available around the clock every weekday.

memoQ is the most comprehensive translation support system to date providing a range of solutions such as translator pro for individual translators, memoQ cloud services as well as robust server rollouts for translation companies and various other organizations where translation and localization is mission critical.

The key to memoQ’s success is not only the wide range of services and flexibility offered by the tools but also the excellent relationship with the tens of thousands of users: memoQ, after all, is developed to excellence by listening to the needs of the users. Most of this listening is done by memoQ support services – so we are more than happy to announce our non-stop weekday support hours. Even more listening – even happier customers – even better memoQ!

Regardless of national or other holidays, memoQ customer services are now officially working throughout the week nonstop. Service hours start every Monday morning at 06:00 AM CET (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin) / 12:00 AM EDT (New York, Boston) / 01:00 PM JST (Tokyo) / 12 PM CST (Beijing) and finish on Saturday morning at the same time.

However, Saturdays are also working days for the support personnel, as our experts man their consoles from 10:00 AM until 06:00 PM Central European time. memoQ support of course doesn’t disappear entirely even for Sundays, as they still provide advice and troubleshooting for critical cases.

By extending the availability of Customer Support, Kilgray Translation Technologies has made yet another step to provide the best customer experience to memoQ translation system users worldwide – let them be individual translators, translation providers or translation buyer organizations.