Omniscien Technologies Reduces Barriers to Entry to Language Studio Cloud

SINGAPORE – June 5, 2017 – Omniscien Technologies (formerly Asia Online) today announced the addition of new e-commerce capabilities and flexible pricing models in Language Studio™ Cloud that lower the barriers to entry and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Professional machine translation and language processing platforms such as market leading Language Studio™ Cloud by Omniscien Technologies have thus far been the domain of highly experienced language professionals familiar with complex language technologies and their application.

The latest release of Language Studio™ Cloud incorporates a revised workflow and a new REST API for easy integration with customers’ own solutions and third-party products. When combined with Omniscien Technologies’ flexible pricing model, the barriers to entry are dramatically lowered ensuring greater accessibility to a much wider range of use cases and users who can benefit by leveraging leading edge language processing, machine translation and machine learning technologies in their workflows and solutions.

This latest release of Language Studio™ Cloud offers a clean, user friendly interface that provides a comprehensive new subscription management system with clear insights into user activity and the related costs. Also included are a wide range of Language Studio™ engine and subscription options and control features that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers very significantly.

“One of the main differentiators for Omniscien Technologies has always been our focus on creating tangible value for our customers. Hence, we emphasize flexibility, choice and quality when it comes to our customers’ requirements and needs. We address each customer’s specific needs and strive to provide best-in-class cost effective quality” said Andrew Rufener, CEO of Omniscien Technologies.

The latest Language Studio™ Cloud enhancements are specifically designed to support and benefit Omniscien Technologies’ existing customer base but they will also ensure that professional language processing technology becomes more readily accessible to a wider base of users. The Language Studio™ Cloud enhancements will be available starting on June 5, 2017.

About Omniscien Technologies

Omniscien Technologies is a leading global supplier of high-performance and secure high-quality Language Processing, Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Learning technologies and services for content intensive applications. Our wide range of solutions serves clientele from various industries including the Localization Industry, Online Research Services, Publishing, eCommerce, Media, Online Travel, Technology, Enterprise and Government.

Omniscien Technologies has gained a reputation for cutting edge solutions with its Language Studio™ platform. Depending upon the customer’s unique requirements, Language Studio™ can be deployed in a variety of ways to integrate with their in-house data processing and translation management systems, and it offers unparalleled levels of customization and control as well as feature rich pre- and post-processing, enabling customers with even the most complex data to achieve both high quality and high volume output to satisfy every use case. Omniscien Technologies has by far the most comprehensive and feature rich system in the market today.

Covering 548 language pairs and with a number of industry specific solutions, Omniscien Technologies remains the partner of choice for customers with complex, high-volume bespoke data processing and machine translation needs.

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