Oneliner Translations Wins Biggest-ever Translation Tenders in Belgium

Oneliner Translations, the largest Belgian family-owned translation agency, has won the three biggest-ever translation tenders in Belgium: one for the federal government worth € 2.4 mio, one for the Brussels government worth € 2.3 mio, and one more for the Walloon government worth € 1 mio.

With these wins, Oneliner Translations holds nearly all key federal and regional tenders in Belgium, as well as several UN tenders. Oneliner is both ISO 9001 and 17100 certified and is now targeting large SMEs and mid-range multinationals in other European markets in order to make its entry in the Top 100 Global LSPs.

Oneliner Translations was also the first translation agency to win a 250 € k innovation grant from the Flemish government. Backed by its disruptive technology and driven by the highly competitive multilingual Belgian context, Oneliner is able to deliver high quality translations with a short turnaround time.