ONTRAM Adds Google Neural MT to Comprehensive MT API Offering

Are you using machine translation successfully for your translation process? No? But you should, and this is why…

Berlin, March 16, 2017 – There is actually a great deal of news about artificial intelligence and machines that are able to learn. This is an area that is currently experiencing enormous progress.

Some major successes have been achieved, especially regarding machine translation (MT) and ONTRAM is providing its users these state-of-the-art MT options for easy, successful translation production.

What does this mean for your translation process and how can you benefit from these new technologies?

Save time and money!

A lot of ONTRAM clients already rely on machine translation tools. This progressive language technology can be used in ONTRAM along with our memory system and our terminology administration.

When creating a new project, the untranslated text parts are automatically sent to the MT engine after they have been processed by the built-in translation memory database. Then they will be machine-translated and marked with an “MT“ flag in ONTRAM.

These texts are then made visible in the post-editing environment for the translator who corrects or adapts them. After the translation process is completed, the final texts are sent back to the MT engine, which learns from every translation and can therefore deliver higher quality results with each project.

GNMT can now be used in ONTRAM

Besides major statistical MT solutions, ONTRAM now also supports Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), which was introduced in November 2016 and is being used as an engine for Google’s translation API.

The integration lets you benefit from currently available language pairs for GNMT. Of course, you can also use the regular features of Google Translate API without neural results. This helps reduce the cost and effort of the translation process each time whilst simultaneously improving it.

Ask us for information and advice about how the integration of an MT engine will give you the best results in your translation workflow.

Are you already using an MT engine? Then let’s have a chat! We are always happy to support the integration process.