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Translations have evolved over time into complex processes with many stakeholders, different timings, many different languages, and different workflows. There is a wide range of tools on the market, and by no means all of them are equally suitable for every company.

Have you already decided on a system, be it a TMS, CAT tool or terminology management? But how do you actually use these effectively and efficiently so that added value is created in the end? Which Machine Translation provider to choose, and how do you integrate all these tools into your already existing system landscape?

Multilingual Data Services

In addition to its own TMS ONTRAM, Andrä Solutions has been offering specialized services and consulting in the field of translation management for years. These include the preparation of documents, validation of XML data from various third-party tools, for example a PIM or a CMS, or the cleaning or alignment of files such as TMX or XLIFF. ONTRAM’s team of experts is skilled at identifying problems and creating the perfect environment for successful translation management.


The team proves this on a daily routine with its TMS product ONTRAM. Before this system is rolled out to a customer, a comprehensive review of the entire translation process takes place to find an ideal customized solution. One of the greatest strengths of the ONTRAM team is service and support. And this does not stop once the system is integrated: translations are a living process and often subject to change. ONTRAM is a highly flexible system that can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Customizable features

Due to the agile way of working, features can be implemented and directly integrated rapidly and without bureaucratic hurdles. The many years of experience of Andrä Solutions help to integrate middleware, establish connections to third-party providers or adapt ONTRAM so that it exactly meets the requirements of the process.

How can we help you?

We, the Andrä Solutions with the ONTRAM team, are the problem solver for all arising challenges in the field of translation management. As an agile company, we can quickly implement features, process feedback from customers, and we always keep an ear to the market and observe the latest innovations in language technology.

If you are looking for a solution to your problem or need advice on translation management, please visit our website or contact us.