Pactera Veteran Jonas Ryberg Joins Visual Analytics Firm Qlik as Globalization Director

Qlik appointed Jonas Ryberg Globalization Director from April 18, 2016. Communicating with Slator, Ryberg said he will be part of research and development for the Pennsylvania-based business intelligence software company and based in the company’s R&D Center in the city where Qlik was founded, Lund, Sweden.

Prior to Qlik, Ryberg was VP of Globalization Services at Pactera, working out of the company’s Redmond, Washington office. He had been with the Beijing-based IT consulting and outsourcing company for three and a half years, serving first as AVP for Product Globalization Services in 2012.

Qlik, which has been listed on the Nasdaq since 2010, describes itself as a data discovery and business intelligence company. Ryberg sums up Qlik’s core business as turning a client’s data into insights via “data visualization,” and says “localization is critical” for clients to use Qlik’s products “as efficiently as possible.”

According to Ryberg, “We work with partners for localization and some testing, and look to leverage both internal technology as well as their solutions for seamless integration to enable agile localization.”

Jonas Ryberg
Jonas Ryberg

Qlik generated USD 612.7m in 2015 revenues, a 10% increase compared to 2014. They continue to grow this year, recently announcing a 15% growth for the quarter, year over year.

Asked if he planned to make any changes as Globalization Director in the next few months, Ryberg replied, “We’re in the middle of a continuous process to ensure we meet our internal velocity requirements (to meet customer demand), as well as have a scalable internal team that is ready for what the future may hold.”

Velocity was a recurring theme in our short interview with Ryberg, who, when asked what industry trends excite him most, said, “I’m excited about the pace of change, how LSPs are taking quick action to improve technology connectivity and enable mature solutions to a fast-paced environment.”

Regarding his transition from service provider to buyer, Ryberg, who was once Managing Director of a small Swedish LSP for over 10 years, said, “It’s been exciting to shift perspective. It requires some change in mindset; but after having worked very closely with key clients for many years, the adjustment has not been too difficult to make.”

Image: Lars Björk, CEO of QlikTech from the Qlik Media Gallery