Pangeanic Plunges into the Japanese Market with Business Interactive Japan Takeover

Pangeanic Acquires Business Interactive Japan

Over the past two years, Pangeanic has successfully intensified its presence in the Japanese market. Amidst the takeover of B.I. Japan, Pangeanic has grown its AI-based language technology offering, including its ECO platform, a breakthrough Natural Language Processing tool.

Pangeanic’s expansion overseas comes after it was ranked amongst the top ten most influential language service providers in Southern Europe by CSA Research in 2021. Pangeanic intends to keep up this momentum by hiring six new translation professionals who will join Business Development Manager Tokiharu Iwanaga at Pangeanic’s new Tokyo office later this year. 

This new team, led by Hideaki Miyamoto, comprises experts from various fields within the language industry. 


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes International Standards agreed by industry experts. As indicated by ISO’s annual survey, technology companies like Pangeanic, surpass other businesses in the number of certifications achieved. Companies offering general services and those dedicated to the construction sector lag slightly behind. 

In 2020, Pangeanic obtained the “27001 certification in Information Security Management Systems” and has since maintained this certificate. Pangeanic’s expertise and product quality will undoubtedly strengthen in a country like Japan, which ranks first in the number of ISO certifications received by companies operating in the nation. 

Quality and information security are fundamental building blocks of success for businesses intending to make their mark in this country. Features that this Spanish company prioritizes in each of the services it offers to its customers.  


Since it launched as a translation company more than 20 years ago, Pangeanic has continuously adapted its services to a market that demands ever more volume and speed. 

After years of research and development, Pangeanic grew its technology division and developed a series of cutting-edge artificial intelligence products. These Natural Language Processing services are produced to the highest standard and include technology that ranges from from machine translation to data anonymization, custom sentiment analysis, data classification, named entity recognition and summarization. For example, Pangeanic’s ECO language processing platform was designed so clients can train their own engines in a personalized way – while information is held in private servers so it can be stored away securely.