Partnership Between Gelato and Xplanation Simplifies Translations and Printing for Global Companies

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(Oslo, May 28, 2018) A new international partnership between Gelato, the world’s most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly print solution for global companies, and global translation provider Xplanation, headquartered in Belgium, was announced today. The goal is to offer an even greater range of complimentary services to global customers.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Xplanation, enabling us to offer customers a streamlined process for translation that will simplify brand management across the world. Through Gelato´s platform global brands can manage their brand and printing in a more sustainable and cost optimized way. By printing locally and on-demand, shipping distances can be reduced up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%. With Xplanation, we are now able to offer seamless translation management services, which is especially important for many of our customers with offices in the BRIC markets,” says Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO and founder of Gelato.

Gelato can today deliver printed materials to more than 5 billion people in 72 countries, across multiple languages. The ambition for the Gelato-Xplanation partnership is to offer customers a range of complimentary services by connecting the two customer portals and promoting each other’s respective services.

“We have made it our mission to help our customers take their business global and simplify the translation process for them. Many of them are also looking for an easy-to-use, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly solution for printing their translated material locally, and that is exactly what Gelato offers. We are proud to partner up with Gelato and look forward to develop this partnership and joint services on a global scale,” says Véronique Özkaya, CEO at Xplanation.

For additional information, please contact:

Gelato: Christian Sæterhaug, CMO, +47 4131 9124
Xplanation: Véronique Özkaya, CEO, +32 16 39 75 11

About Gelato
Gelato is the world’s most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly printer for global companies that wants to print locally around the world. Gelato can today deliver printed materials to more than 5 billion people in 72 countries. Digital printing has grown from $80B in 2008 to $180B in 2018.

About Xplanation
Xplanation is a global translation provider that believes in simplifying the localization process to provide customizable solutions in 500+ language pairs. For over 20 years it has invested in innovative technology and talent to ensure that multinational companies and institutions can engage with their customers and colleagues effortlessly, regardless of their language or culture.