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Boston, USA, 15th November 2022 – Phrase, the global leader in cloud-based localization technology, has announced Phrase NextMT, its internally-developed neural machine translation (MT) engine as a core new capability of the recently announced Phrase Localization Suite. With an increasing number of global companies undertaking geographical localization at an enterprise level to drive growth, Phrase NextMT now empowers them to do so with even greater speed and scale.

Phrase NextMT is the first neural machine translation engine to be developed with a translation management system in mind, providing Phrase customers with a greater degree of customization, automation, integration as well as superior reporting. It offers a unique combination of the latest innovations in MT, together with an unprecedented level of integration, which promises high-quality outputs surpassing leading MT providers.

Phrase NextMT differs from other engines through its close integration with the Phrase platform. Specifically, and crucially, it can leverage existing translation memories (TM). Internal testing suggests this can help improve the translation quality by up to 50%. Unlike most engines available today, Phrase NextMT’s glossaries go beyond simple search and replace substitution to ensure that terms are correctly used and inflected for the best possible translation quality.

The innovative nature of Phrase NextMT is recognized by industry analysts. As Jourik Ciesielski, MT expert at Nimdzi, the market research and consulting firm, states in the latest study, The Present and Future of Machine Translation, the localization industry will benefit from a closer connection between translation management and machine translation technology:

“With the addition of Phrase NextMT to Phrase Translate, Phrase has a complete MT feature set that responds to every market requirement, from AI-driven engine selection and instant quality estimation to easy customization and glossaries.”

The addition of Phrase NextMT adds a key capability to the Phrase Localization Suite, highlighting the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of localization technology. Phrase NextMT will be offered in addition to the existing 3rd party engines which will all remain available via Phrase Translate. Phrase’s innovative Autoselect capabilities will leverage this expanding range and continue to apply the best MT engine by detecting the content type and language pairing.

“Phrase NextMT is another exciting step for us”, says Georg Ell, CEO at Phrase. “In developing our own AI technologies, we saw an opportunity to create a truly unique MT solution that adds the speed and scale needed to drive global growth. Currently no other MT provider is able to offer a solution that closely integrates MT and TMS capabilities in one platform, allowing for unparalleled translation consistency, high degree of customization and faster turnaround times.”

Phrase NextMT will be exclusively available to Phrase TMS customers.

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