♥ PIM + TMS: Improving Time-to-Market in Product Communication

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In recent years, significant savings have been achieved in cross-media publishing, mainly by centralized data management through product information management systems (PIM). With a PIM system, catalogs and price lists are created in much shorter time, and product websites and shopping systems provide the latest product information. A PIM system unlocks even more potential by providing information to the target media in multiple languages.

Accelerate digital transformation 🚀

In PIM systems, the information is managed with all available languages and used for communication. While administration and maintenance of (multilingual) content is an integrated feature of a PIM system, managing the translation process falls within the domain of translation management systems (TMS). A TMS accelerates the translation processes, and also increases translation quality. 

Whichever PIM you use, ONTRAM has got the right interface to manage your PIM translations in an easy, quick and competitive manner. Informatica, Viamedici, Contentserv, Online Media Net, Novomind, Stibo Systems, just to name a few examples, all can get connected to the ONTRAM TMS.

Reduce costs by using a TMS 💰

ONTRAM is the web-based translation management system of Andrä Solutions. It enables browser-based translation and editing of text, independent of the format of source documents. The integrated scheduling module provides information about the project progress and enables seamless cooperation of all stakeholders.

All users are integrated in a unified translation workflow and can create live previews directly for the respective target format. They can verify the correct layout and avoid unnecessary rounds of editing. You are saving money by reusing already created translations. This not only saves money but also time; your translators are not performing unnecessary tasks.

Project management is simplified by monitoring and controlling functions in an integrated system. Additionally, the translation costs can be analyzed, which increases cost transparency on translation service providers. Machine translation can be an interesting supplement to manual translation for large amounts of similar text. In combination with human translators, there is great potential for savings.

Increase translation quality throughout the company  ↗

Using a TMS increases translation quality and text consistency throughout the company, with useful features as company-wide, unified terminology available to every user. All translation service providers can access a continuously updated central translation memory and terminology. Representatives in local subsidiaries, who are responsible for translations and language in their respective country markets, can be included in the translation process.

How does it work? 🔧

The connection between PIM and ONTRAM is usually realized via XML interface. An ONTRAM installation on the computers of PIM users is not necessary, since ONTRAM is fully web-based. As part of an implementation project, the company-specific translation processes are analyzed. This also applies to third-party systems (e.g. Web-CMS, ERP, Learning Management Systems). Supplying third-party systems with translated data can be carried out fully by the PIM. In this case, the entire translation management takes place between ONTRAM and PIM. 

In further scenarios, third-party systems can be connected directly to ONTRAM. ONTRAM can also manage the translation processes of data from these systems, such as press releases, presentations, trainings or websites. 

You don’t know ONTRAM yet? 🤗

If you’ve wondered what translation management really means and what it can do for you, we offer several ways to take a closer look at our TMS.

Watch our video demonstration to discover the advantages of a professional translation management system like ONTRAM. In just a few minutes, we explain the functions and benefits. Get a quick overview of our tool and learn how to speed up your translation processes.