Plint Welcomes Örjan Serner as New CEO to Navigate the Evolving Market Landscape

Plint CEO Örjan Serner

GOTHENBURG, Sweden September 21 2023 – Plint, a leading player in the media and communication industry, is excited to announce the appointment of Örjan Serner as its new CEO, effective Tuesday, September 19th. Örjan brings over 40 years of experience in building and leading companies and businesses, particularly within the media and communication sector. This transition marks a significant step in Plint’s journey to adapt to the changing market dynamics and secure steady growth going forward.

Örjan Serner previously served as the Acting CEO for Plint from 2019 to 2021 and has been an integral part of the company as a partner and board member since 2017, actively contributing to its leadership and direction. His deep understanding of Plint’s core values and unique culture has been instrumental in nurturing the company’s success so far. Under Örjan Serner’s leadership, Plint is poised to address the evolving market landscape and align its strategy with the shifting market needs.

Outgoing CEO Thomas Roberts has played a pivotal role in Plint’s expansion, leveraging his technical background and strategic mindset. During his tenure, Plint has experienced substantial growth, including the acquisition of KM Studio, a prominent dubbing company, thereby becoming a full-service localisation provider. Plint has also expanded its presence across the Nordics and Europe while making significant investments in technology, development, and innovation and the building of new dubbing studios in Germany and the Netherlands.

“We are immensely grateful for Thomas Roberts’ contributions and spirit during his time as CEO. His vision and dedication have been instrumental in Plint’s growth and achievements,” says Örjan Serner.

As Plint enters a new phase, the focus is on aligning teams across countries and markets to foster creativity, efficiency, and value for all of Plint’s clients, partners, freelancers and employees. Örjan Serner’s leadership is expected to play a crucial role in realising these goals and refining Plint’s unique position in the dynamic and ever-changing media and entertainment industry.

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About Plint

Founded in 2002 by a group of passionate linguists, Plint has seen the media localisation industry change from the inside and embraced the change with a determination to challenge the status quo. This drive has transformed the company from a Nordic language service provider to a global player, with offices and studio facilities across Europe. Today, Plint offers tailor-made localisation services including subtitling, dubbing, media, and accessibility services in over 100 languages for any type of content distribution platform. Its expertise and unwavering commitment to creativity, quality and customer support has earned Plint the trust of some of the world’s most renowned entertainment studios, streaming platforms, and content creators.