Poland’s Diuna Group Acquires LSP Yellow

Diuna Group Acquires Translation and Language Academy Yellow

Poland-based Diuna Group completed the acquisition of 30-plus-year-old language service provider (LSP) and language school Yellow – Centrum Języków Obcych on February 29, 2024. The companies had regular contact for years and worked together on a number of projects. They are also both members of POLOT, the Polish Association of LSPs.

Founded in 2009 by Piotr Kolasa, Diuna Group had its start in the intellectual property and patent translation space. The company has since added a number of service offerings, including multimedia, localization, data annotation, and dataset creation services.

Agata Rybacka, Diuna Group’s General Manager, told Slator that part of the rationale for the acquisition of Yellow was its solid portfolio of clients and the company’s location outside of Warsaw. She shared that Diuna saw many opportunities for upselling and cross-selling based on the combined company’s client base and expanded capabilities. 

“The fact that Yellow is a recognized and certified language school with a great client base is more than just a nice addition to the deal. Some clients in the company’s portfolio have been using Yellow language courses for 17 years,” added Rybacka.

Yellow also adds to the combined company’s multiple expanded services, including conference interpreting and event organization and management, and offerings related to language training, examinations, and audits.

Name Change

Yellow will change its business name to Yellow Diuna Academy, operating as a language school and training center for translators. The new full-time employee count as of publication of this article is 27.

Rybacka also mentioned that Diuna Group sees M&A as an important part of its continued growth strategy and is starting to look into the US and Ukrainian markets.