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The Title 42 US immigration and asylum policy ended on May 11th and migrants and asylum seekers have been flooding the US border since long before, including many families with young children lined up hoping to cross over as soon as possible. Title 42 was initiated in March 2020 in response to COVID-19, to protect our country from additional exposure to COVID from refugees and migrants seeking asylum from other countries. Since it went into effect, the number of refugees and migrants allowed into the US has been seriously limited.

According to AP News, over the past 3 years the US has turned away migrants trying to cross the US border approximately 3 million times. Now that the COVID pandemic has been downgraded from a global emergency, our borders are opening back up. The US has said that it will soon accept 130,000+ people per month, already accepting at least 740 to 1,000 people per day as you read this. As we see an influx of immigrants transitioning into their new lives in every corner of our country, organizations in every city and state must be prepared to serve them properly.

The United States has long prided itself on being a staple of hope and refuge for individuals seeking a better life. To maintain this legacy and ensure fairness, it is vital that language services be prioritized within the immigration system and beyond. As a society, we must recognize the importance of language services and provide sufficient resources to support and expand them. By doing so, we not only honor our values as a compassionate nation, what our country was built on, but also create a more inclusive society where every immigrant and asylum seeker has an opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute to our diverse nation. With a focus on language accessibility, we can build a system that values inclusivity, upholds human rights, and provides equal opportunities for all.

Language services, spoken interpretation and document translation, are necessary tools in providing immigrants and asylum seekers with fair and equitable treatment in the United States. Immigration and asylum seekers face numerous challenges when adapting to a new country, and language barriers can pose significant obstacles for these individuals in accessing vital services, communicating effectively, articulating their stories and needs, fully comprehending their rights and fulfilling obligations.

Accurate translation of documents becomes even more critical. Legal documents, affidavits, birth certificates, educational certificates, medical records and other essential paperwork must be translated with precision and attention to detail. Document translation serves as a gateway to access and empowerment for asylum seekers, helping them navigate complex processes effectively, and helping them get set up in all aspects of their new lives from healthcare to education and everything in between.

Language Service Provider Interpreters Unlimited (IU) supports migrants and migrant rights, after all, unless Native American, we all came from immigrants at some point. As a company owned and operated by an entrepreneur who immigrated to the US seeking a better life, chasing the American Dream, it’s no surprise that they show full support. Sayed Ali, IU President and CEO, is a shining example of immigration and its impact on society. Immigrating from India to the US in 1966, Sayed earned an electronic engineering degree, became a design engineer, launched his own bakery-deli concept business, started the first Airport concessions company, and then ventured into Language Services acquiring IU and expanding it nationwide. Now their language services are utilized across the entire US to support Limited to Non-English Speaking individuals and those who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing.

Led by Sayeds example, IU stands by immigrants and proudly serves those who need language services day to day, citizen or not. Once someone enters our country, they should be granted the same rights as any natural born citizen, regardless of the language they speak or the circumstances surrounding their arrival. In order to make this a reality, fairly and justly, language services are essential.

The use of professional Language Services is absolutely vital to guarantee that every immigrant and asylum seeker, regardless of their native language or cultural background, has equal access to justice, services, and the opportunities they deserve. As we navigate this evolving landscape, it is imperative that we recognize the importance of language services and allocate the necessary resources to support their implementation and expansion. By doing so, we can build a more inclusive society that upholds the rights and dignity of every individual, regardless of language barriers, and improve our immigration and asylum system.

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The IU Group of companies include: Interpreters Unlimited, Accessible Communication for the Deaf, Albors & Alnet, Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, and IU GlobeLink, LLC, and are headquartered in San Diego, California as a minority-owned company. IU Group is committed to providing equal opportunity in the work environment with its diverse team to aid in supplying linguistic and cultural interpretation services to clients. A combined 70 years in the industry has demonstrated a surplus of leadership and best practices, which has helped establish its respected role in the language services community. Its services include interpretation, document translation and non-emergency medical transportation.

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