Pro Guide: Sales and Marketing for Language Service Providers

Slator’s 36-page Sales and Marketing for Language Service Providers (LSPs) is a must-read for small and mid-sized LSPs. This Pro Guide lets you navigate the hyper-competitive language industry with confidence. It provides insight into the most high-value Sales and Marketing activities for LSPs and sets you up for revenue growth.

Build a powerful funnel that generates the right leads via Sales and Marketing and convert more leads into profitable business.

The guide features practical tools such as an extensive list of translation and localization buyer job titles to build effective lead-gen activities, a roadmap for building a Sales team from the ground up, and implementing a compensation and commission structure for Sales and business development staff.

Exclusive data on LSPI Super Agencies and Leaders provides Digital Marketers a valuable resource to benchmark website performance, domain rating, and social media use against the world’s leading language service providers.

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The report can be used as a standalone resource for LSPs, and is best read alongside Slator’s flagship 2020 Language Industry Market Report.

Slator’s Research team is available to provide bespoke consulting and advisory services to help LSPs get the most out of their Sales and Marketing budgets.

Slator Research is available in pay as you go or to as part of our Growth, Pro, and Enterprise subscription.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Sales & Marketing for LSPs4
Find out about the market dynamics that make Sales and Marketing critical activities for small and mid-sized LSPs.
Lead Generation through Sales5
Get key insights into how LSPs generate leads through Sales activities including online selling, customer referrals, conferences, partnerships, and more.
Lead Generation through Marketing16
Learn how LSPs generate leads through marketing activities such as sponsored content, blogs, podcasts, events and webinars, social media, search engine optimization, and more.
Tools to Support Sales & Marketing25
Discover the tools available to LSPs to help manage, automate, and measure your Sales and Marketing activities.
Hiring & Organizing Sales Staff26
Unsure of whom, where, and how to hire for your Sales staff? Here’s how to build a foundation that will set you up for growth.
Compensating Sales Staff: Targets, Base Pay, Commissions & Bonuses27
Create and deploy an effective compensation and commission structure that incentivizes Sales staff to perform. Proven to work “in the wild” in high-performing LSP Sales teams.
Social Media Use Among LSPs31
Benchmark your social media presence on the most popular social media platforms against 42 leading language service providers.
LSP Website Visits & Domain Ratings, and Performance Insights33
Benchmark your online presence against the leading LSPs in terms of website visits, backlinks, domain rating, and performance.
Appendix: Key Sales and Marketing Terms35
The jargon explained.

How to Use This Report

Slator’s easy-to-digest pro guide on Sales and Marketing for LSPs offers the very latest industry and data analysis, helping you generate the right leads via your Sales and Marketing activities and enabling you to convert more leads into profitable business.

Editor’s Note

This report does not tell you what to do or say during meetings, how to onboard your customers, or how to manage your accounts. (Small and mid-sized LSPs already tend to do these things well.)