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Localization services provider Alconost announces the introduction of API access to Nitro, the company’s professional human-powered translation platform with support for 70+ languages. The Nitro API allows developers and business owners to easily implement a human translation feature into any app or website, thus providing additional value to end clients.

A translation platform for developers, start-ups, and website owners

The Nitro platform provides its clients with fast, accurate translation and proofreading services done by professional, native-speaking linguists.

Nitro’s core features available through the API include creating translation orders and adding context to them, managing and tracking orders, and retrieving ready translations via the API.

The Nitro API is free to use. We only charge for translation jobs ordered through it.

Designed for developers by developers, the Nitro API has proven to be a perfect fit for small urgent translation tasks, such as web content, product descriptions, ad copy, in-game texts, string resources, client reviews, and much more.

The list of businesses that stand to benefit from using the human translation API includes content management systems, marketplaces, travel and event aggregators, job search websites, customer service software, news and social media websites, and many more.

These businesses’ end clients might not even know where the translated content comes from. They just insert the source text, specify the context, choose the languages they need, pay for professional translation, and get the final result.

Case Study: One of the major Nitro API clients uses the platform to translate Search Text Ads into 28 languages at once. Using the Nitro API allows them to save time logging into their account and the usual checkout process. Having uploaded and regularly maintained their glossary, the client gets high-quality consistent translations in less than 24 hours.        

How to set up the Nitro API

Setting up the Nitro API is extremely easy. It works with almost any technology or programming language you use in your project. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account with Nitro.
  2. Generate API keys on the Settings page.
  3. Integrate the translation API in your project.

You can find Nitro API documentation at


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About Alconost

Alconost is an international company founded in 2004 by software engineer Alexander Murauski and his team. We provide translations into foreign languages and localization for apps and games, videos, and contextual advertising.

Our services were originally designed based on the founder’s experience with multi-language translation and its implementation in his software localization projects. This helped form the company’s mission: To help IT companies reach foreign markets.  

We have localized over 1,500 projects, created over 1,000 videos, and launched hundreds of multilingual advertising campaigns.

We’re proud to work with so many clients—from independent developers and small teams to such major accounts as Microsoft, Kaspersky, ByteDance, and many more.

Corporate profile

NameAlconost Inc.
HQ901 N. Pitt Street – Suite 170 – Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
CEOAlexander Murauski
ServicesLocalization/translation, video production, multilingual marketing