Protranslate Continues its Substantial Growth in 2021 with its New Enterprise Services


Moderated marketplace platform for language services, Protranslate announced its 2020 results. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Protranslate focuses on servicing EMEA Region countries with its translation, subtitling, localization, and multilingual content creation offerings.  

Having launched its online translation and localization services in Russian, Portuguese, and German-speaking markets last year, Protranslate continued its expansion into the European growth, with a desire to become one of the leading language service platforms globally. 

With an increase in its overseas revenues to 61% in its revenue breakdown during 2020, Protranslate continued to thrive despite the not-so-benign effects of the pandemic, receiving translation orders from 163 countries with a total of 40 million+ words translated in 2020 thanks to the online presence of the company in various markets.

The company’s 2021 plans include integrating key account management features along with its sophisticated project management workflows to further penetrate the enterprise space. With its already large base of 38,000+ customers, the company wants to continue its growth via this new target segment. “The first quarter of 2021 has already shown strong results through our focus on this space, proving our assumptions.” CEO Kerem Kalkancı says. 

Following the expansion of its services to new regions, Protranslate is now solidifying its place in the European and North American markets with its partnerships with globally-renowned brands and organizations such as Joom, Unicef, Esri, and Domino’s. The company has reached over 38,000 customers and 2.8 million unique visitors all around the world in 2020, becoming the largest online language services provider in the EMEA Region from an online visitor standpoint according to Alexa and SimilarWeb reports.

The company has recently expanded its services by offering multilingual content services and marketing campaign localization services to its corporate and individual customers. 

“With an eye for the #1 spot in the EMEA region as the go-to platform for language, multilingual content, and AI training services, we will be heavily investing in our technology infrastructure and global expansion efforts during the next 2 years” the CEO and co-founder Kerem Kalkanci explains. 

The unique in-house technology used by the company has helped in providing fast and time-efficient solutions to businesses from all around the globe. “Inefficiencies in the translation service industry motivated us to provide a leaner approach. As former software industry veterans that worked in the IT consulting industry for years, we were inspired to create a responsive platform that could provide a wide range of services in numerous language pairs regardless of customer’s location and device. Our platform has matured to be a robust engine that serves thousands of customers every month without human intervention from our end,” Kalkancı says. The platform combines advanced technology with robotic process automation (RPA) steps along the way while also keeping professional translators and editors in the loop. 

With a holistic approach and an opportunity-obsessed vision, Protranslate addresses the translation industry with an “online-only” perspective. While the online marketplace approach has shown its challenges for various large players that diversified into other spaces later on, with a “moderated market place” approach with enterprise account management features baked in and a fully online sales & account management team, it will be interesting to observe how the translation market will continue to respond to the new “online-only” service provider marketplaces after the pandemic’s effects go away.