Refreshing the XTM brand: Simple. Modern. Clean. As language should be.

CD New XTM International Logo

London, 30 March, 2023 – XTM International has undergone a brand refresh to better reflect its personality and vision. Its new website and simplified logo are the main components of its updated brand image, but the changes made go deeper and affect every level of the brand.

Perfect timing for an update

With over 20 years’ experience in the localization-technology industry, XTM has always been at the forefront of innovative language technology. With its anniversary in mind, the timing was ideal to release its new brand image and the roadmap for its ongoing XTM Cloud product UI/UX improvements to meet user needs.

XTM’s Brand and UX Specialist, Iris Bas, has been leading this project and was delighted with the final result: “We heard from users that they wanted more from our user interface and experience, and that our brand look and feel didn’t accurately portray the advanced and powerful technology we provide. Now, our entire brand—the logo, website, product, and more—have adopted a much more modern look that better reflects who XTM really is, as well as our renewed motto: delivering the future of localization technology.”

Furthermore, any previous confusion there may have been with the company’s name,
whether it was XTM International or simply XTM, has now been resolved, as they will be
simplifying their main brand to XTM. Furthermore, they will be better structuring their brand
architecture to make their product-offering clearer. For this, the names of its products and
sub-brands have been defined more clearly with descriptors, such as XTM Cloud, XTM
Academy, and XTM Live to name a few.

The first step to building the new XTM brand: Defining its core messaging

Increased clarity and transparency has been one of the key elements of XTM’s brand refresh. Its aim is for everyone, from employees to customers to partners, to have a very clear idea of what its core messaging is. Its motto, mission, and vision are now fully aligned not only with their purpose and future aspirations, but also with the future of the business. You can find out more about XTM’s new motto, vision, and mission statement here.

Billy Burnet, XTM’s VP of Marketing, explained the importance of having established core values and messaging: “Everything we do is guided by our core values, and what we do to achieve our goals. The reality is that an organization, no matter how good their product or service is, is only as good as its people. That’s why our core values are the foundation of our company culture and what will make our vision possible.”

New XTM colors and look and feel

XTM has decided to simplify its color palette and align it with their personality and core messaging. Its main colors, Process Blue and Iron Grey, demonstrate clear connections to reliability, security, innovation, and technology. It will combine them with accent colors, Starship Green and Lavender, to represent its constant search for understanding and growth together with its calmness and tranquility respectively, values which resonate with its main focus of providing solutions to its customers’ needs. Our palette is now flexible thanks to a controlled and clear use of color scaling, shades and neutrals which help us avoid readability issues and empowers us to achieve a recognisable, branded look and feel.

Brand visual system – Consistency is key

XTM has refined its framework of logos, typography, colors, and design elements to create a more recognizable brand. This exercise includes a new font pairing to improve readability and UX, with the secondary font now making it easier to contrast and differentiate between its different digital products. To improve consistency in collaterals, XTM will now be using a reviewed icon family aligned with its products, a single illustration family for its messaging and the same set of image styles.

The Result

XTM’s new-look brand has the customer as its focal point. With the new website and its new colors, they wish to improve the user experience by providing easier, more accessible navigation. On the other hand, the new core messaging is now a true reflection of the company’s history, present, and future path, as it moves towards its main purpose: delivering the future of localization technology for all of its customers.

For more information on XTM’s brand refresh, please contact:
Billy Burnet
VP of Marketing