Revolutionizing Translation Management with Linguistic AI

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Introducing new LLM-powered capabilities in Trados

Trados, the industry-leading translation technology by RWS, unveiled a collection of groundbreaking AI features in their cloud platform, establishing a new benchmark for the future of localization technology. These state-of-the-art capabilities boost translation quality, expedite time-to-market, and lower translation costs, empowering organizations to translate everything.

Breaking away from traditional applications, Trados extends and enhances its native Linguistic AI across the entire localization process. Initially introducing the OpenAI Translator app for Trados Studio – designed to assist users while translating by leveraging a public Large Language Model (LLM)– RWS now brings new Linguistic AI capabilities throughout the rest of the Trados platform, beginning today with the following key capabilities:

Trados Copilot, intelligent assistance whenever and wherever needed 

Trados Copilot is now the primary interface for engaging with our Linguistic AI in the Trados platform. Initially providing Smart Help, Trados Copilot can swiftly and effortlessly help users find solutions to their queries. Linguistic AI analyzes questions, interprets their meaning, and performs a thorough search across trusted sources (such as product documentation, Trados blogs, and the support knowledge base) to provide users with real-time, intelligent support as they work. Over time, Trados Copilot will evolve to assist with additional tasks such as reporting, project management and review.  


Harness the power of Generative Translation for superior results

Translation engines, a core feature of the Trados cloud platform since its inception, effortlessly combine translation memories, glossaries and machine translation services into a unified repository of linguistic assets to provide high-quality translation results. Now, thanks to Linguistic AI, we can significantly enhance these translation engines to offer Generative Translation, synergizing your established linguistic data with the power of an LLM with retrieval-augmented generation. By configuring additional factors within the translation engines, such as historical segment translations and preferred translation style (formal, informal, etc.), you’ll obtain superior translation quality diminishing the need for post-editing.

Trados Generative translation v2

“We’re thrilled to introduce our latest AI features throughout the Trados platform, all of which are seamlessly integrated and accessible directly within our flagship product, Trados Enterprise.” said Trados General Manager, Mark Lawyer. “None of this would have been achievable without the solid foundation of our platform, its adaptable APIs, and integration points. We remain dedicated to providing AI-driven capabilities, both now and in the future, and making them available for all industry stakeholders. We recognize the transformative potential of these advancements and pledge to implement them responsibly, prioritizing privacy and security at every stage of development.”

Smart Help and Generative Translation are initially available now for Trados Enterprise customers. Additionally, we’re working to deliver even more capabilities in the coming months.

Elevate translation quality with AI-driven quality assurance 

Trados is known for its sophisticated quality assurance features, making it easy for translators to maintain consistency and quality throughout their work. By integrating AI into our workflows, we’re supercharging our quality assurance process, enhancing productivity and raising translation quality to new heights. This advanced capability will deliver a quality score for all translated segments and provide an explanatory breakdown detailing what should be changed, enabling translators to pinpoint their areas of focus more effectively. 

Boost productivity with intelligent project creation

Trados is always on the lookout for fresh ways to streamline translation processes, enhance productivity, and reduce turnaround times. This capability will help project managers speed up project creation and fine-tune settings. Through content and sentiment analysis of previous projects or translated documents, it provides suggestions for optimal linguistic resources, configuration settings, and personnel assignments, all to ensure the best possible translation.  

We’ll be rolling out these exciting new capabilities soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

In summary, available today we’re introducing a fresh interface for engaging with and leveraging Linguistic AI: Trados Copilot, with immediate support for Smart Help, and enhanced quality and project configuration capabilities coming soon. Additionally, we’re rolling out Generative Translation through our translation engines, to harness the power of LLMs without relinquishing control. And this is just the start. We’ll continue innovating at a rapid pace, consistently delivering new capabilities, while upholding our commitment to doing so responsibly and sustainably. If you’d like to learn more about our powerful Linguist AI capabilities, register for our upcoming webinar today.