Rheinschrift Language Services is Now ISO 18587 and ISO 17100 Certified

Rheinschrift Language Services ISO Certification

Cologne, July 2, 2021
In March 2021, the versed German language experts of Rheinschrift Language Services once again achieved ISO 17100 recertification. As of now the company is also certified to the internationally acknowledged standard for post-editing of machine translation (MT), ISO 18587. This guarantees customers their work will be carried out in line with higher quality standards and current international norms.

Language Technology has far advanced over the past years and the use of MT has meanwhile been well-established for many subject areas among Translation Service Providers and customers as well. While the process of using MT and subsequent post-editing is still not applicable to all types of text, sophisticated AI-based learning of MT engines keeps continuously evolving MT quality. For many projects with large volumes of text, short runtimes and narrow budgets this method is the best solution or even enables their translation at all.

The quality of raw MT output can still not compete with a human translation. Hence, a human high-quality post-editing by professional translators is essential. MT post-editing shows its optimum advantage if it runs quicker and more efficient than a human translation of the same text. As long as topic and text type are applicable for the MT post-editing process the final result does not differ from the one of human translation. 

The ISO 18587 defines the requirements for the process of full human post-editing and respective competences of professional post-editors. Rheinschrift Language Services has more than 15 years of experience post-editing MT content and has now also been certified for this expertise. Thus, the highest quality standards the company has always applied are now visibly shown to the customers. Rheinschrift’s large team of professional experts once more combines the long-lasting experience in the industry with state-of-the-art language technology. 

New services at Rheinschrift Language Services

Rheinschrift has more than 2 decades of expertise in translation projects and more than 15 years in machine translation post-editing. Projects are carried out primarily into German and in subject areas such as IT (software & hardware), technology, business, finance & law, marketing, human resources, and medicine and medical devices.

Since 2020, Rheinschrift has been offering new services – especially with various data-for-AI projects. These projects process large data collections that are used for training artificial intelligence. Language and multilingual communication are particularly important in this area. Often a large group of data processors is required at short notice, and in some cases these processors do not need to necessarily have a qualification as a translator or linguist to do the job. Rheinschrift has the capability of responding to such requests very flexibly and to put together good teams quickly. Thanks to the company’s structure, which has been built up over many years, a strong team of internal translators is on hand to guarantee quality assurance at every stage.

Rheinschrift Language Services is a woman-owned business and has been in the industry for over 26 years now. The company is one of the most experienced and largest Translation Service Providers specialized in translation and localization into German. Owner Ursula Steigerwald has managed Rheinschrift ever since its foundation. The company incorporates a large team of project managers and internal linguists that is rare in this industry and enjoys an international customer base with long-term business relationships. 

Exceptional project management as well as on-time deliveries, meeting and exceeding quality requirements and customer-oriented service explain Rheinschrift’s healthy growth. In total around 400 professional translators and linguists regularly prepare translations and other language projects for international business customers.