Rheinschrift Language Services – Strategic Improvements and Workforce Expansion in 2021

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Rheinschrift Language Services’ aim in 2021 is to implement strategic improvements and expand its workforce. After hitting an important milestone in 2020 – namely the company’s 25th anniversary – plans are now in place to expand the company’s management and direction. Although they were unable to celebrate their anniversary as planned, it has given them real motivation to overcome last year’s challenges and face those that lie ahead.

Rheinschrift’s specific plan in 2021 is to expand its project management team in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, as well as the Management team in Cologne, Germany. The aim here is to ensure teams are able to respond to future project requests in an even more flexible way.

This will also enable strategic developments to be conceived and implemented in order to cater for these future requirements. Looking to the future, Rheinschrift is bracing itself for future projects requiring even more creative solutions and a high level of expertise. New technologies are also having an impact on changes to demands placed by customers. In order to be able to satisfy these demands and continue to deliver a first-class performance, Rheinschrift’s project management and management teams will be restructured and expanded in 2021. This will ensure projects are implemented with a high level of expertise using forward-thinking methods.

The volume of high-profile marketing projects and demanding corporate communications tasks increased dramatically in 2020. As a result, Rheinschrift has increasingly incorporated these tasks into its portfolio, with further expansion planned in 2021. Explicit training sessions for the teams of translators aim to ensure these specific text requirements are understood and implemented accordingly. Senior translators at Rheinschrift, with many decades of experience behind them, are on hand to provide expert assistance to the teams and ensure the very highest level of quality.

There has been an enormous increase in the use of AI in translation projects. The processing of bulk data for AI content requires huge volumes of content to be translated in order to optimise and expand AI engines. The translation professionals at Rheinschrift contribute to this by providing ultra-precise translations, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI in the future.

Ursula Steigerwald, Owner at Rheinschrift, says: “Our vision for 2021 is to drive forward automation in those areas that can be automated in a reliable manner. This will help to ensure even quicker processing and delivery, even with really small projects. In addition to expanding and developing our teams and enhancing our portfolio, this form of automation is a key element to remaining viable in the future. I’m also hoping to enjoy more face-to-face encounters in the second half of the year. And we will certainly be celebrating our company’s anniversary to make up for last year.”

Rheinschrift Language Services is one of the translation industry’s premium service providers, focusing on German language translations, localization and transcription.