Ryszard Jarża Translations Moves to a New, Purpose-Built Office Building

Wrocław, 17 February 2020— Ryszard Jarża Translations, a language service provider specialised in translation, transcreation and localisation into Polish with a focus on life sciences and technical domains, has moved its primary production centre to a new, purpose-built office building.

As the company relies on the work of in-house translators and revisers, its office environment has to be comfortable and minimise distractions to linguists working individually, while enabling efficient communication between team members.  Previously, Ryszard Jarża Translations operated from two separate locations. In response to an increase in activities, the company turned to Perspectiv, an architectural and engineering design firm based in Wrocław, to design a new production centre that would meet the company’s unique requirements.

Ryszard Jarża, the company’s founder, commented: ‘No matter how technically advanced our tools and processes are, success in the translation industry depends on the talents of individual linguists. Thus, it is important to create a linguist-friendly workplace, where everyone feels comfortable, can focus on their tasks and efficiently communicate with colleagues. The quality of HVAC and IT infrastructure is of utmost importance, too. We needed a reliable and experienced partner who could turn these ideas into a quality design.’

Jacek Dobrzański, the chief architect and owner of Perspectiv, took Ryszard’s initial suggestions and discussed them in one-to-one interviews with the company’s employees – including PMs, translators, revisers and technical support staff. Eventually, he came up with a unique design that meets the team’s expectations, expresses the company’s professional image, and fits into the quiet, almost rural atmosphere of Siechnice, the small town near Wrocław where the new office is located.

‘Although the overall form of the building refers to a traditional house, we decided to draw the roof ridge apart, creating a modern, simple shape’, says Jacek Dobrzański. ‘The long plot allowed us to design a building that is clearly divided into functional zones: the linguists’ area, consisting of a number of separate offices, is distinct from the project management space. In between, we have welfare facilities, open to sunlight and the green surroundings of the building,’ he continues.

The construction works were completed by the end of 2019, and the new office is now fully operational, with all staff members enjoying the new level of comfort and privacy at work.

About Ryszard Jarża Translations

Ryszard Jarża Translations, founded in 2000, is a language service provider offering translation, transcreation and localisation services into Polish. The company, employing in-house translators, revisers and subject matter experts, is able to handle most of its production internally. Ryszard Jarża Translations’ customer base includes many direct, high-profile corporate clients, as well as leading multi-language vendors. For more information, please visit  www.jarza.pl

About Perspectiv

As a full-service architectural and engineering firm, Perspectiv supports its clients in all phases of the design and construction process, including site evaluation and planning, permits and approvals, architectural and engineering design development, construction administration and interior design. For more information, please see www.perspectiv.pl