Secure Machine Translation Minimizes Business Risks for USD 10B Technology Company

Even before the rise of neural networks, machine translation (MT) has played a significant role for multinational companies, and not just for customer-facing content.

Global companies need to communicate effectively in the native languages of not just their customers but also their employees and partners. This was the problem faced by a large publicly traded global technology company nearly a decade ago.

The company revenues register over USD 10bn with an operational footprint across 30 countries serving 100,000 customers.

Given the size and global reach of the business, the company frequently requires translation of customer-facing documentation, internal general business information, sensitive data assets, engineering documentation and intellectual property (IP) to be shared with its global workforce.

Prior to 2009, the company relied on unmanaged translation methods for its variety of multilingual requirements. It needed to standardize a managed approach; one that addresses not just the company’s operational challenges but also its requirements in areas from privacy to regulatory compliance to cost-efficiency.

The tech giant turned to SDL and rolled out a new solution that it has been using since 2009. SDL’s secure MT solutions delivered:

  • Minimized data exposure risks associated with unmanaged translation methods;
  • Reduced translation service costs, pulling down per-word costs to merely a third of previous pricing; and
  • Consistently accurate results.

Download the latest white paper from International Data Corporation (IDC) to see how SDL created a flexible, efficient translation business service while reducing the risks of data exposure:

IDC Customer Spotlight: Secure Machine Translation Helps Solve Inherent Business Risks for Global Technology Giant