SeproTec Multilingual Solutions Unveils a New Corporate Image That Projects Its Technological Transformation

SeproTec Logo

•The new logo respects the essence and legacy of the company while maintaining the colors that identify the company in the sector, transforms the isotype into the international symbol of communication and simplifies and modernizes the font of the name to project its future, with a clear commitment to technology.

•With the new logo, the company’s identity now reflects the new SeproTec.

Madrid, May 30, 2022 SeproTec Multilingual Solutions today presented a new corporate identity that reflects the new SeproTec resulting from the strategic plan announced in September 2021.  Rebranding that aims to visually express the company’s leadership, potential and vision for the future. 

The change of logo is another step in the transformation process that SeproTec has been working on in recent times, and is conceived with the aim of projecting a more modern, flexible and technological company.  The new image is intended to visually express the transformation and leadership of SeproTec, as evidenced by the company’s growth in recent years, as well as the implementation of an ambitious international growth plan based, in addition to organic growth, on the acquisition of companies specialized in multilingual services, as well as the development of technology that provides new and better solutions for its clients. 

An isotype full of symbolism

The logo, introduced today in all the countries in which SeproTec operates, transforms the previous isotype into the recognized icon of two-way communication/conversation, while also giving it a sense of movement.  The font chosen is simple and futuristic, evoking technology, but also serenity, thus perfectly reflecting the values of reliability, leadership, innovation, flexibility and honesty that drive the company.   In addition, a color variation is used to highlight “pro”, a term denoting quality and exclusivity.

The logo has been designed with the company’s growth plan in mind, both in terms of international geographic expansion and in terms of offering innovative technological services.  Thus, the new corporate logo includes variations that identify the different business units of the company and allows for its evolution as the company and the scope of the services it offers grow.

“This new identity reflects the direction in which we want to go as a company, towards an even broader quality service offering in terms of geographic coverage and in terms of developing new technological services that even anticipate our clients’ needs.  The new logo reflects the values that guide our company, as well as the talent of the professionals that drive innovation within SeproTec’s DNA”, noted Juan Julián Léon, CEO of SeproTec Multilingual Solutions. 

About SeproTec

A provider of multilingual services, SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is one of the top 30 companies in the world in its sector. The company offers a broad range of translation, localization and interpreting services for businesses and, through its subsidiary SHIP Global IP, also provides intellectual property management services through a technology platform developed specifically for the IP sector.  The company provides its services internationally and has production centers strategically located to ensure 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

With Nazca Capital as a shareholder since 2021, SeproTec is internationalized and has obtained official certifications thanks to its processes and management systems for translation services, quality control and environmental management (UNE-EN ISO 17100, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001).