Show Me the Business: Report on the State of Translation Demand 2015/16

In 2015, government initiatives and regulatory developments shaped demand for translation services and language technology. Hundreds of millions of dollars from the US and the EU were pledged for projects. New regulations paved the path to increased financial translation demand.

In the private sector, trends like the centralization of translation procurement as well as regional mobile adoption and e-commerce booms loom. Data gathering in social media, electronic delivery of patient reported outcomes in clinical trials, and the discovery process of litigation all point towards additional demand for translation.

Slator’s demand driver section in 2015 was packed with insights. We published more demand driver articles than almost any other category. Now, we wrapped the key findings into a single, compact report to help language services and technology providers as well as buyers spot market defining trends early and understand where demand is shifting.

The State of Translation and Localization Demand 2016 outlines the essential trends, developments, and factors that made news in 2015 and will continue to drive business in 2016.

The report includes:

  • Regulatory developments driving financial translation in Japan and China
  • Multi-million government initiatives in North America
  • The EU’s efforts worth hundreds of millions of dollars
  • The rise of shared services and its impact on translation procurement
  • The growth of the life sciences sector
  • Clinical research outsourcing as a growing vertical
  • The digital boom: social media, mobile, e-commerce, and media
  • Legal and e-discovery trends

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Slator State of Translation and Localization Demand 2016

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