Single Sign-On, Smarter memoQWeb, Alexa MT: memoQ 9.5 is Out

memoQ 9.5 has been released

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, September 23, 2020 – Leading translation technology provider memoQ has just released the upgraded version of its flagship translation environment with faster and safer sign-in options, new and better machine translation plugins, smarter memoQWeb and more.

Faster and safer login with memoQ’s new single sign-on feature

The new product release offers integration with corporate identity management solutions that use the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol. Organizations can now make access to their localization environment as secure as the rest of their infrastructure with optional multi-factor authentication and by integrating memoQ user management into their central ID management system. With the new authentication method, users can enter their Microsoft Azure or Okta credentials for single-point authentication, enjoy fast and easy access to their memoQ workspace and start using it right away, according to their role and permissions.

Advanced assign functions now available in memoQWeb

In memoQ 9.5, web users can make use of more of the advanced project management functions that desktop client users have grown to love over the years. The Distribute function lets project managers allocate documents to members of the translation team, delegate tasks to third-party contributors through Subvendor, reach out to users with documents for translation and assign work to the first takers with FirstAccept™ or let a team of translators work on them simultaneously with GroupSourcing™.

New and better machine translation plugins: Alexa and TexTra

Added to memoQ’s expanding plugin offering, Alexa MT is a handy tool for Canadian translation professionals who work across the legal, financial, marketing and government sectors. Specifically trained on a bilingual corpus in English and Canadian French, the platform helps users translate copious amounts of financial and legal texts as swiftly, securely and accurately as possible.

TexTra, the go-to neural machine translation engine for translators of Asian languages and a popular member of memoQ’s plugin offering, has just been given a makeover. The machine translation plugin got a revamped interface for a faster, more convenient and more intuitive user experience. Plus, its API configuration screen offers a password option for an extra layer of security. 

Thorough spellchecks, enhanced file export options and more

Users can finally say goodbye to false warnings and having to comb through exported docs for spelling mistakes. Instead of using MS Word’s default dictionary for target languages with multiple regional variations, they can now select a specific dictionary, e.g. English (U.K.) or English (U.S.) on startup, and enjoy more thorough spellchecks and smarter suggestions.

The new version comes with a revamped Export (Choose Path) option that allows users to export several files in target language format to a specific folder. It also enables more seamless pre-translations: users can set memoQ to join 2, 3, 4 or 5 segments, both in online and local projects, for increased efficiency. Plus, a new lockout-proof feature prevents administrators from getting locked out from the server by accident.