Slator 2019 Language Industry M&A and Funding Report

2019 was another active year in language industry M&A and language services and technology startup funding, and surpassed 2018 as probably the most active year in language industry M&A history if measured by the number of deals.

While many had expected bumps in the world economy in 2019, the funding environment remained supportive with record stock markets and rock-bottom interest rates. Capital continued to look for a home and some of it found its way into the language industry.

There was no transformative transaction in 2019, however, such as one Super Agency acquiring another or a major outside player entering the space with a major acquisition. The M&A environment was indeed busy, but often involved relatively small transactions.

This 34-page report contains an analysis of the 2019 language industry M&A landscape, and an outlook for 2020. It contains a full list of the 60 transactions covered on Slator including price, earnings or revenue multiples paid where available, sector, country, type (trade sale, private equity investment, IPO, merger).

Slator 2019 Language Industry M&A and Funding Report

34-page report. Language industry M&A and startup funding. Transaction valuations, trade sales, financial backing, private equity influence, main rationale, seller verticals, geographical analysis, startup funding analysis.

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The report also includes a section on startup funding in the language industry, with a list of more than a dozen funding rounds centered around language technology covered by Slator, as well as an analysis of activity.

The report features an overview of the most active verticals by seller vertical, analysis of the top locations for sellers, a profile of the most heavily-invested private equity firms in the language industry, and more.

The report can be used to gain a deeper understanding of what drives language industry M&A. This comprehensive set of reference data can also be taken as a benchmark for future transactions.

It is a must-use reference for senior leadership and corporate development professionals at language service providers, investment banking and private equity professionals, as well as corporate strategy and finance advisors, and anyone else interested in the rapidly evolving competitive landscape in the language industry.

The information presented in this report is based on the companies, deals and countries involved in the transactions that Slator covered between the dates of January 1st to December 31st 2019. The report is not an exhaustive list and may not include smaller transactions or represent the total volume or value of M&A transactions in the language industry worldwide.

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Executive Summary4
Investor Perspective6
Transaction Valuations6
Financial Investors8
Trade Sales10
Strategic Rationale13
Financial Backing14
Deal Financing23
Trade Sales by Buyer Country / Region23
Trade Sales by Seller Country / Region24
Trade Sales by Seller Vertical26
Startup Funding26
Analysis of Top Funded Startups28
M&A and Funding Outlook30
Additional Resources31
Glossary of Verticals32
Deal Advisors / Legal / M&A33

How to Use This Report

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