Slator 2019 Language Industry Market Report

Slator 2019 Language Industry Market Report

The Slator Language Industry Market Report 2019 provides a comprehensive view of the global language services and technology industry, which, according to Slator was a USD 23.2bn market in 2018 and projected to grow to USD 28.2bn by 2022.

Firstly, the report examines the entire market by dividing it into 10 end-buyer industry verticals—Financial Services, Gaming, Life Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Travel & Retail, Technology, Professional Services, Media, and the Public Sector—and provides market size information and analysis on key factors driving demand for language services and tech.

In addition, report provides an overview the competitive landscape by dividing it into five broad categories: Super Agencies, LSPI Leaders, LSPI Challengers, Long Tail, and Internal Corporate Language Units & Divisions. It provides in-depth analysis of the competitive positioning of each category and assesses their relative attractiveness and specific characteristics.

The report explores translation management and productivity technology in a highly intuitive way by breaking down the complex ecosystem of service-vendor-owned and pure play technology solutions.

Neural machine translation is examined in depth from the perspective of big tech, niche players, language service providers, and the research community. The report puts current progress in a historical perspective and examines the most successful open-source neural MT frameworks. With the entire language industry undergoing fundamental transformation as it incorporates significantly enhanced machine translation into its supply chain, the report provides an assessment of machine translation’s impact on pricing and volumes.

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In addition, the report features analysis on industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital funding, and examines the various drivers behind the industry’s strong secular trend towards consolidation.

Furthermore, the report provides an industry outlook and examines three distinct business models that are likely to emerge as winners as the industry transforms to adapt to aggregation of global services spend and to the impact of accelerating progress in AI.

The report concludes with a sector-specific growth outlook based on the 10 primary industry verticals and provides a four-year market growth projection.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary4
Scope of Report4
Primary End-Client Verticals: Market Matrix5
Competitive Landscape: Services7
Service Providers7
Super Agencies9
LSPI Leaders9
LSPI Challengers10
Long Tail10
Internal Corporate Language Units & Divisions11
Corporate Language Divisions Selling to Third Parties11
Internal Translation and Localization Capabilities at Corporates11
Interpreting Services and Technology Providers13
Competitive Landscape: Technology14
Translation and Localization Management and Productivity14
Pure Play Machine Translation16
A Short History of Machine Translation16
Current State of the Art in Frameworks16
Machine Translation Ecosystem17
Big Tech17
Niche Players18
Language Service Providers19
Research Community20
Accelerating MT Adoption21
MT Impact Assessment22
Pure Play Machine Translation Market Size21
M&A and Funding23
Key Drivers of Language Industry M&A23
M&A by Segment24
The Limits of Consolidation24
Venture Capital Funding25
Overall Industry Outlook25
Sector-Specific Growth Outlook26
Appendix 1: Market Sizing Approach28
Appendix 2: LSPI Lists28

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