Slator 2019 US Healthcare Interpreting Report

The Slator 2019 US Healthcare Interpreting Report provides an overview of the US healthcare system and examines how healthcare interpreting services are applied to this unique and complex ecosystem.

In the Industry Service Model section, the report examines the three primary interpreting modalities: in-person interpreting (IPI), over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), and video remote interpreting (VRI), analyzing their benefits and drawbacks.

The report delves into the competitive landscape of the US healthcare interpreting market, a USD 1.1bn market in 2019. Shining a light on cost factors, location-based challenges, and the complexities of attempting to match supply and demand, the report unpacks some of the main hurdles players face in this market.

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Additionally, we outline main differentiators, such as scale, compliance, and technology. We also provide an overview of technology platforms and apps developed by service and technology providers to cater to the needs of healthcare interpreting users.

The report highlights some of the main hospital systems in the US, major buyers of healthcare interpreting services, and features a case study on Parkland Health and Hospital System’s interpreting service model.

From a sales and marketing perspective, the report concludes with insights into buyer job titles, events, and sales tips for language service vendors looking to expand their reach within the US healthcare interpreting market.

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Executive Summary4
Industry Overview4
Linguistically Diverse Population5
Hybrid Spending Model5
Regulations Driving Demand6
The Role of Language Services in the Healthcare Industry7
Market Size7
Market Challenges8
Industry Service Model12
Competitive Landscape13
Leading Providers13
Interpreting Technology Providers16
Major Buyers18
Sales, Business Development, Marketing20
Business Development20
Buyer Job Titles21
List of References23

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