Slator 2020 Translation and Localization Buyer Report

Slator Translation and Localization Buyer Report 2020

The Slator 2020 Translation and Localization Buyer Report features the latest insights from translation and localization buyers, spanning a range of end-customer segments including technology, finance, travel & retail, professional services, life sciences and more.

The report presents 11 buyer features originally published on between January and September 2020. The original features are the result of Slator’s exclusive interviews with each buyer organization. They have been packaged together in this buy-side report into an easy-to-digest format, which allows for quick comparison across buyers and verticals. 

  1. Airbnb
  2. ASICS Digital
  3. Babylon Health
  4. BetterUp
  5. Fisher Investments
  6. Hamilton Bonaduz
  7. Infobip
  8. Pipedrive
  9. Presbyterian Church (USA)
  10. Verizon Media
  11. World Trade Organization (WTO)

The features are supplemented with additional data on typical buyer job titles within the relevant verticals — to help inform an LSP’s sales and marketing activities. 

The report also contains Slator’s Language Industry Market Matrix, which was first debuted in the Slator Language Industry Market Report. The Market Matrix is a vital tool to help LSPs understand and contextualize the landscape of buyers and buyer segments within the USD 24bn language industry.

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The report can be used as a standalone resource for LSPs and is best read alongside Slator’s flagship 2020 Language Industry Market Report.

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Table of Content

Executive Summary3
Stay informed with Slator’s analysis of the latest buy-side trends for translation and localization buyers.
1) Airbnb4
Read up on Airbnb’s language expansion program, designed to provide access to the platform for more than a billion additional customers.
2) ASICS Digital5
Learn what happened when ASICS Digital piloted a human-in-the-loop MT solution with the launch of a new language on their e-commerce site.
3) Babylon Health6
Find out why digital healthcare provider Babylon Health is resisting the use of MT for its multilingual content.
4) BetterUp7
Ever heard of “trans-adaptation?” Discover why this rigorous localization process is important to coaching platform BetterUp.
5) Fisher Investments8
In-source or outsource? Delve into Fisher Investments’ drive to handle more translation internally.
6) Hamilton Bonaduz9
Balancing innovation and quality: get insights into Hamilton Bonaduz’ translation process revamp and thoughts on ISO certification.
7) Infobip10
Find out what happened when this new-to-localization cloud computing company went out to market in search of a TMS.
8) Pipedrive11
Localization is a global affair, right? This Estonia-based CMS platform tells us why they opted for a home-based LSP.
9) Presbyterian Church (USA)12
Learn about hiring at PC (USA) and how they live interpreted their General Assembly via Zoom.
10) Verizon Media13
Read about how the operator of HuffPost, Tech Crunch and Yahoo! manages half a million words on average for translation each month.
11) World Trade Organization (WTO)14
Big volumes: We tell you how the WTO blends internal and external resources to process 43 million words for translation annually.
Language Industry Market Matrix15
Access Slator’s high-impact market matrix, a vital tool to help LSPs understand the complex landscape of buyers and buyer segments.
Appendix: Typical Buyer Job Titles16
To help you maximize the takeaways from the 2020 Translation and Localization Buyer Report, we’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled lists of typical buyer job titles for the end-customer segments featured in the report.

How to Use This Report

Slator has been profiling language services and technology buyers for more than four years and has published over 70 features about them since 2016. In this report, we compile the most salient insights and actionable information from 2020 to date into compact buyer profiles.

This report is structured alphabetically per buyer company. It is meant to be used by senior language industry professionals from the vendor-side as a guide to better understand the buyer’s approach, and will provide buyers with a benchmark to cross-reference their own internal processes.