Slator 2021 Data-for-AI Market Report


The Slator 2021 Data-for-AI Market Report outlines the rapidly growing data-for-AI market, which is projected to grow to USD 3.5bn by 2024, and demonstrates how language service providers (LSPs) are uniquely suited to take advantage of this opportunity.

With the data-for-AI market currently dominated by a handful of large, established players and a growing number of well-funded startups, the report shows LSPs how to diversify into data-for-AI provision. The report features five case studies of LSPs that serve data-for-AI customers, and one of a publisher-turned-data-for-AI provider.

The report highlights key use cases of AI — from computer vision, fraud detection, and autonomous vehicles to medical imaging, voice assistants, and social media monitoring — and describes the role of data annotation tasks such as sentiment analysis, content categorization, speech transcription, and more.

We explain the main service models for data-for-AI providers, which center on workforce (crowd) management, data annotation platforms and in-house expertise, and list seven ways that providers differentiate themselves; for example, through offering services at scale, expanding language coverage, and specializing in specific AI use cases.

The report informs readers about the role of platforms and tools in data provision, and discusses key considerations for offering a “services-only” versus a “tech-plus-services” approach. It also provides insights into workforce management and pricing models, and outlines data security and risk management concerns.

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The competitive landscape is discussed in detail as we list the main providers and main buyers of data-for-AI, highlighting hotspot geographies and growth sectors. The report draws attention to key trends, identifying the opportunities and challenges they present to LSPs that consider diversifying into the market.

These actionable insights are supplemented by information to help drive sales and business development within the current context of decentralized buyer procurement. We include common buyer job titles and industry-specific online and in-person events, which will give readers the tools and information they need to approach potential buyers within the data-for-AI market.

The report can be used as a standalone resource and is best read alongside Slator’s flagship 2020 Language Industry Market Report and Pro Guide: Sales and Marketing for Language Service Providers.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Data for AI5
Learn about the highly-specialized market of data-for-AI, which has sprung up to service the high-growth and data-hungry artificial intelligence (AI) industry.
The Data-for-AI Industry7
Delve deeper into the data-for-AI industry with insights into market drivers, as well as pricing and service models, featuring case studies from five LSPs-turned-data-for-AI providers.
Data Security Standards, Regulations, and Best Practices26
Inform your journey into the data-for-AI market with an overview of risk management considerations and relevant regulatory frameworks.
Competitive Landscape28
Read up on the fragmented landscape of buyers in the data-for-AI market, beyond the “usual suspects,” from big tech and AI development. Discover which suppliers and platforms they turn to as the market becomes increasingly competitive for well-established players with new entrants attracted to the space.
Industry Insights & Trends35
We interviewed data-for-AI experts to bring you insights into the hot topics of data for machine translation (MT), repurposing TMs and termbases for AI, workforce pay and ethical issues, and low-resource languages.
Sales, Business Development, Marketing40
Ready to contact your prospective data-for-AI customers? We give you the tools to do so with a list of common buyer jobs titles and an overview of industry-specific events.

How to Use This Report

Slator’s easy-to-digest 2021 Data-for-AI Report offers the very latest industry and data analysis, providing language service providers (LSPs), end-clients, and investors the confidence to make informed and time-critical decisions. It is a cost-effective, credible resource for busy professionals.