Slator Buy-Side Report 2017

Slator is delighted to launch its inaugural Buy-Side Report.

End-buyers are the engine of the language industry. From enterprise IT software to gaming to clinical research, language services are an integral part of the supply chain. Once seen as a cost-factor, it is now often considered a revenue driver.

As such, many buyers have adopted a more mature approach to internationalization, localization, and translation over the past decade. Global multinationals now tend to centralize spend under just a few vendors and the emergence of cloud-based translation management software has made it easier for end-buyers to become more independent of language service providers.

Buyers now have the tools to manage the localization process partially on their own and the next major disruption is happening right now as neural machine translation is being productized throughout the supply chain and will impact productivity and eventually, pricing.

How to Use This Report

Since 2016, Slator has been profiling language services and technology buyers and has published nearly three dozen features. In this report, we compile the most salient insights and information into a compact and actionable offering.

The report is structured along industry verticals and features 30 buyers in a short profile that lists key information such as buyer name, translation volume and/or spend, technology deployed, sourcing approach, and other important insights – plus a live link to the original article online.

It is meant as a guide to language industry professionals from the vendor-side to better understand the buyer’s approach across key growth markets, as well as provide buyers with a benchmark to cross-reference their own internal processes.

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