Want to learn how to manage change and drive innovation in a crisis?

Slator invites you to join an online and interactive Managing Change and Innovation Workshop led by Mark Stuart, Co-Founder of Anagram Group.

This Workshop is ideal for:

Executives who build businesses and create and manage new products and services for their company.

  • C-Level Managers and large LSP business unit managers
  • Small and medium LSP owners and entrepreneurs
  • Operations directors and project managers
  • Corporate localization and vendor managers and teams
  • Human resource and change management managers.

Why Change and Innovation?

In this unprecedented time of business crisis, how can leaders manage change and drive innovation to ensure their businesses have the best chance to survive and grow?

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, learn how Covid-19 has disrupted businesses, and what organisations can do to embrace change, transform and lead their organisations into the future.

Participants will learn the frameworks for corporate innovation, the role of Agile methodology in a time of urgency, and how you can implement your ideas with  speed across your organisation.

What will you learn? Participants will:

  • Learn how Covid-19 has impacted businesses and the opportunity it presents for transformation
  • Understand the human reaction to change and how to adopt a mindset for thriving amidst disruption
  • Learn the frameworks for Managing Change across the organisation and how to empower your team so they can champion change
  • Strategies for driving innovation in your organisation with agility, and overcome barriers for implementing new ideas, such as budget and buy-in
  • Learn from your peers – with case studies in the translation industry for successful transformation and change

What will you get to take-away?

  • Practical knowledge for understanding and applying change
  • Frameworks and templates for applying Innovation and Change at work
  • The workshop in an Ebook
  • A complimentary copy of ‘Leadership & The Future of Work’ – an Ebook by the Trainer, Mark Stuart

Register for Slator Managing Change for USD 75.00 and transform the way you work. Contact Deppy Nikolaidou if you have any questions. Contact Andrew Smart if you’d like to buy 5 or more tickets.

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