Slator Pro Guide: Becoming an Effective Localization Buyer

Slator Pro Guide: Becoming an Effective Localization Buyer

The Slator Pro Guide: Becoming an Effective Localization Buyer highlights key changes in localization operations and provides valuable tools and insights to help localization buyers — and the LSPs that service them — navigate the changing language services and tech landscape.

First, we examine localization buyers’ new mandate — to transform content to drive global growth as part of a broader internationalization or globalization strategy. We outline how localization teams have evolved to become more integrated and influential within their organizations.

A one-page localization maturity roadmap charts the step-by-step evolution of localization buyers from undeveloped, to developed, to mature. It also covers aspects such as how a localization team centralizes, builds partnerships internally, develops effective content and procurement strategies, and demonstrates return on investment.

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A series of five case studies illustrate how localization buyers from different sectors — ecommerce, social media, transport, and professional services — have navigated this maturity learning curve.

We then take a close-up look at three key challenges for localization teams: how to formulate a content strategy, procure suppliers, and deploy machine translation. 

A one-page job title infographic illustrates the great variety of job titles and roles held by localization team professionals. The report also looks at five key trends that are transforming the way localization buyers function, including the “evangelization” of a globalization mindset across organizations and the recent trend toward building flexible supply chains.

Finally, an appendix of Slator buyer features provides a useful reference tool to access more than 90 close-ups of enterprise localization buyers across a wide range of sectors.

The report can be used as a standalone resource and is best read alongside Slator’s complementary catalog of research reports and pro guides, such as the Slator Pro Guide: Language Operations (a deep-dive into LSP operations) and the Slator 2021 Language Industry Market Report.

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Table of Contents

Localization Buyers6
Whether you are a localization buyer or an LSP, this chapter will provide readers with valuable insights into how localization is becoming more deeply integrated into globalization strategies within companies.
Localization Maturity Roadmap8
This one-page roadmap provides valuable insights into how organizations develop into mature and effective localization buyers. The map outlines major milestones with respect to key areas such as supplier procurement, MT and automation, quality assurance and ROI, as well as centralization and cross-functional collaboration.
Buyer Case Studies10
Browse five buyer case studies that illustrate a range of approaches to localizing content. See how buyers from a range of sectors — technology, transport and logistics, e-commerce and professional services — structure teams, work with LSPs, demonstrate ROI, and drive growth. 
Job Roles and Titles16
Discover the most frequent titles per localization job role and discover the roles that are being added by mature localization units to help drive growth. 
A color-coded, one-page word cloud captures the top job titles for roles in enterprise localization teams — from localization senior management, production and language managers, content creators, and translators to vendor managers, internationalization engineers, strategy leads, and more. 
Three Key Challenges for Localization Buyers19
Delve deeper into three of the key challenges that localization buyers face along their maturity journey — formulating a content strategy, putting a procurement strategy in place, and effectively implementing machine translation. 
Five Key Trends for Localization Buyers 22
We shed light on five key trends that are transforming how localization buyers operate. Read up on the new role of in-house linguists, why job descriptions now call for advocacy of a “globalization mindset,” how Covid-19 prompted a shift to flexible supply chains, and more.
Appendix: Buyer Feature Index26
An index of more than 90 Slator buyer features gives you easy access to buyer insights from across a broad range of industries — including e-commerce, finance, gaming, life sciences, media, professional services, public sector, technology, and travel and retail.

How to Use This Report

Slator’s easy-to-digest Pro Guide: Becoming an Effective Localization Buyer offers the very latest industry and data analysis, providing language service providers and end clients the confidence to make informed and time critical decisions. It is a cost-effective, credible resource for busy professionals.