Slator Pro Guide: Translation AI

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Slator’s Pro Guide: Translation AI is a must-have for language service providers and localization teams, providing a concise snapshot of the latest practical applications of large language models (LLMs) in translation. 

Find out how LLMs can be used to enhance translation quality, streamline workflows, optimize linguistic assets, produce customized, industry-specific translations with ease, and more.

This Pro Guide will get you up to speed on the value that LLMs can add to your company and the new workflow options available to you today.

The guide provides 10 one-page, practical use cases — each presented as a visually-engaging infographic — drawn from research and interviews with some of the industry’s leading language technology providers.

Each use case explains the basic concept and the practical implications. This is accompanied with a value-add score which corresponds to the potential value-add to an LSP’s service offering, allowing LSPs to quickly and easily identify the potential benefit that it can bring to the business.

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The report provides a succinct list of a selection of translation management and productivity technologies that currently offer LLM capabilities, equipping you with the information you need to confidently navigate the range of technology options.

Having analyzed the use case and industry technology, the report goes on to cover the opportunities that each use case has on different industry verticals that require translation and localization services, and presents an overall industry impact analysis for language service providers.

Finally, the report provides insight into the user perspective of the existing LLM use case within the translation management and productivity technologies, and presents high-level risks and limitations that each use case may create.

By leveraging LLMs, language service providers (LSPs) can untap new value for their customers that was previously out of reach. This in turn creates opportunities for new revenue streams, increased profit margins for existing service offerings, and productivity efficiencies that allow LSPs to provide more competitive turnaround times.

The report is designed to provide a high level overview of each use case, allowing the LSP to quickly and easily understand the current market capabilities, and to decide whether they should leverage these capabilities from off-the-shelf products, or to consider implementing these functionalities into existing home-grown applications.

This Pro Guide serves as a vital, time-efficient briefing on the new landscape of AI in translation.

How to Use This Report

Slator’s easy-to-digest Pro Guide: Translation AI offers the very latest industry and data analysis, providing language service providers and end clients the confidence to make informed and time-critical decisions. It is a cost-effective, credible resource for busy professionals.