Slator SEO for LSPs – A Detailed Case Study is presented by Simon Golding, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at SocialSEO, the #1 Digital Marketing Firm in America (Upcity 2020).

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Simon Golding

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With over 10 years of experience in business intelligence, marketing strategy and digital marketing, Simon’s depth of understanding is well matched by the breadth of contexts in which he can actualize his wisdom.

From multinational corporates to sole traders, neuromarketing to print marketing and everything in between, Simon’s colorful marketing journey has given him the skills to help every kind and size of business with their marketing.

These days he spends his time at SocialSEO – Collaborating with business owners to help them understand digital marketing and develop a strategy accordingly which is optimal for their business.

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director​


Andrew Smart is a Co-founder and Commercial Director at Slator responsible for creating Slator’s media model, website content structure and product development and pricing, and he runs online ad and research sales, and event sponsorships on a day to day basis.

Prior to co-founding Slator, Andrew has worked in the media, internet and finance industries including managing media businesses for Thomson Reuters, Fairfax Media and The Economist Group. He has an MBA in Finance and Investments from The George Washington University in Washington DC and has been based in Asia for 25 years.

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