Amsterdam 2019

November 28

Join the language industry’s business and technology leaders for a conference packed with actionable insights and an evening of targeted networking. The 100 attendees will include owners, CEOs, MDs and Presidents of their firms; C-Suite management; enterprise end-clients; institutional investors and technology firms.

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OneHour Translation Logo

Lead Partner

One Hour Translation makes it easy for anyone in your organization to get an instant, low-cost, high-quality translation. We manage any localization workflow, and handle any volume quickly and efficiently, while taking advantage of new technologies, like NMT.

Easyling Logo

Panel Partner

Website translation solutions for LSPs from easyling support you from acquiring to delivering your projects. CMS-independent, turnkey solutions, providing wordcount, content extraction, white-labeled Translation Proxy and Javascript-based translation.

Networking Partner

In the past few years, Diuna LSP has been rapidly developing domestically and globally, and is now among CEE's leading providers of translation, MTPE and interpretation services, specialising in IP translations and other IP-related services. See our short presentation.



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